Insurance Surcharges: New Jersey Traffic Law Center #get #an #insurance #quote

#nj auto insurance #Insurance Surcharges INSURANCE SURCHARGE FACTS The New..

Insurance Surcharges: New Jersey Traffic Law Center #get #an #insurance #quote

#nj auto insurance

Insurance Surcharges


The New Jersey Merit Rating Program, created by N.J.S.A. 17:29A-35 requires Motor Vehicle Services to collect insurance surcharges from motorists whose driving records include certain motor vehicle offenses. The surcharges that are imposed are in addition to any court-imposed fines and penalties, or any premium or surcharge fees that are assessed by insurance companies. Surchargeable events include alcohol and drug related offenses, regulatory offenses such as driving without a license, driving without valid insurance or driving while suspended, and accumulating 6 or more points in a period of three years or less. These surcharges are assessed each year for 3 years. (Please note that point credits are not considered when assessing surcharges). All surchargeable offenses are billed as they appear on your motor vehicle record. Motor Vehicle Services does not have the authority to reduce your surcharge payments or change any court-reported violations.


If you have a dispute or question regarding your surcharge billing, including the posting of payments, the amount of the surcharge assessment, or the timing of the surcharge assessment, please write;

State of New Jersey

Surcharge Billing Office

Box 4775

Be sure to include your;

Driver License Number and to mail separately from any payments.


If a driver is surcharged, then he will receive an official notice of a proposed suspension of your driving privileges. The driver will also have to pay the surcharge bill as of the date of the notice. If the driver fails to pay the surcharge bill by the date due, then the driver’s license will be indefinitely suspended. The driver will then have to pay a $50 restoration fee, in addition to paying the surcharge payment before any driving privileges can be restored.


DRUNK DRIVING. A drunk driving charge costs a driver a significant amount of money in surcharges. The surcharge for a drunk driving violation is $1,000 a year for three years. A surcharge of $1,500 a year will be charged for a third or subsequent violations.

POINT VIOLATIONS. If a driver accumulates six or more points in a period of three calendar years or less, then the driver must pay an insurance surcharge of $100 for the first six points, and $25 for each additional point. The point surcharge will remain in effect as long as the driver has six points on his driving records.

Other Surchargeable Events;

  • Unlicensed Driver $100 a year for three years
  • Driving While Suspended $250 a year for three years
  • No Liability Insurance $250 a year for three years

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