May 3 2017

Insurance Claim Estimate – Insurance Damage Estimate #car #loans

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Insurance Companies Require

Many professionals and policyholders are in need of insurance claim estimates and insurance appraisal estimates for claims with insurance companies. Most insurance companies require detailed estimates to support the damages of a claim. We provide detailed, line item, insurance claim estimates for homeowners, business owners, insurance companies, contractors, attorneys, and public adjusters.

Always Get A Second Opinion!

Too many policyholders rely on their insurance company to visit their property, inspect their claim, and provide a claim settlement for their damages. This should almost NEVER HAPPEN!

I’m not saying that there are no good adjusters out there and that they can’t be trusted, not at all. There are many excellent adjusters that do an excellent job. However, are you under the delusion that they will never make a mistake, miss hidden damages, or that they all have multiple years of experience? Not a chance.

Have you ever had a second opinion before having your car fixed? Have you or anyone you know ever needed a second opinion after seeing a doctor? A second opinion when shopping for a car, computer, or hiring a contractor? Have you ever had more than one estimate to build or repair something for your home? I’m assuming you’ve answered yes to at least one of these questions, if not more. Then why do policyholders allow insurance company adjusters to TELL THEM what they will pay on their insurance claim?

Most insurance adjusters have learned how to pass an insurance claim exam and learned how to use an insurance estimating program. but have never worked on an insurance repair job. Many have never built or repaired a home, nor have they ever worked for any type of Construction Company. Chances are they will miss something needed to properly complete the repairs of your claim.

It’s YOUR property, it’s YOUR insurance policy, and it’s YOUR responsibility to protect yourself. Again, your adjuster may be dead on with his/her analysis. Regardless, you should have a contractor or insurance claim professional provide you with a detailed, line item insurance claim estimate to compare to.

What Is A Line Item Detailed Estimate?

Sometimes a contractor will use a complete sf price for a roof or deck, but the insurance company is requesting the estimate be broken down per line item. Using the roof example; the insurance companies want to see each process of the roof replacement, AND each type of material being used on the roof – listed separately. Here’s an example;

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