Sep 18 2016

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  • Snow Load (determined by zip) New York Residents: Please click here to confirm your snowload. Please select your county:
  • Post Spacing

    8′ Spacing – For General Purpose Barns 10′ Spacing – For Horse Stall Barns 12′ Spacing – For Horse Stall Barns

    Barn Size

    • Size of Barn

    A large amount of concrete is necessary for the footers of this barn. We recommend you purchase your concrete locally and have it delivered premixed. Would you like us to credit the concrete bags from this quote?

    Horse Stalls Tackroom

    Bucket Holder Bucket Holder

    Our bucket holder can either attach to the Swing Out Utility Door or separately.”>

    Swing Out Hay/Grain Feeder Swing Out Hay/Grain Feeder

    Our Lazy Susan feeder has a hay rack that provides ample room for a generous flake. It also has welded angle supports for mounting plastic corner bucket (bucket not included). The outside dimensions are 47 high x 24 wide.”>


    • WainscotingWainscoting

    Add a splash of color by adding wainscoting to your barn. This 36 high skirting at the base of your walls adds a two-tone look that is eye popping. For little cost, you can really enhace the appeal of your barn.”>

  • Condensation Barriers

    Insulation Condensation Barriers Insulation

    Single Bubble: 1/8 Single Bubble Insulation provides an R-3 value as well as creats a vapor barrier which eliminates condensation.

    Double Bubble: 1/4 Single Bubble Insulation provides an R-6 value as well as creats a vapor barrier which eliminates condensation.

    R-10 3 Fiberglass: 3 thick vinyl-backed fiberglass metal building insulation provides an R-10 value.

    R-13 4 Fiberglass: 4 thick vinyl-backed fiberglass metal building insulation provides an R-13 value.

    R-19 6 Fiberglass: 6 thick vinyl-backed fiberglass metal building insulation provides an R-19 value.

    R-30 Blown Cellulose: 9 of blown cellulose insulation provides an R-30 value. This product is made of recycled papers.

    R-30 Blown Fiberglass: 13 of blown fiberglass insulation provides an R-30 value. This product is made of of the same fiberglass as normal batts. “>




  • Continuous Ridge Vent Continuous Ridge Vent

    These breathable strips contour to the ribs of the roof to seal the gap at the top of the roof caused be the rib pattern of the metal roofing. This will aid in overall ventilation and the reduction of condensation. Be sure to add this in barns housing livestock and barns that will have a ceiling in them.”> Skylight Wall Panels Skylight Wall Panels
    Add natural light within your barn with these polycarbonate skylight panels. Available in frosted white and clear, they are positioned at the the top of the eave side walls and span the lenth of the barn. For maximum natural light, place them on both eave side walls.”>

  • Cupola w/ Weathervane Cupola w/ Weathervane

    These classic additions are as functional as they are beautiful. Not only will they help cirulate air, but they will add a touch of class to you pole barn. We even offer an assortment of weathervanes to personalize your building at no additional cost.”>

    First Cupola

    Second Cupola

    Third Cupola

    Post Rot Protection Grade Guard protects your posts from rotting with a 30 tough plastic sleeve which slips over the post just a few inches above grade. This product eliminates soil-to-wood and concrete-to-wood contact delivering post protection where it matters most.

    Post Protector protects your posts from rotting with a tough plastic boot which slips over the bottom 5′ of the posts. This product eliminates soil-to-wood and concrete-to-wood contact delivering complete post protection.”> Roof Sheathing Roof Sheathing
    Add more leak and condensation protection while giving your barn even greater structural integrity by adding wood sheathing and 15# felt paper under your metal roofing.”>

  • Snow BarsSnow Bars

    A perfect addition to barns in higher snow load areas. Snow Bars fasten to your metal roof to keep accumulated snow from avalanching off your roof causing damage to gutter, landscaping, and anything else in its way.”> Interior Lining Panel Interior Lining Panel

    Finish off your barn by lining the interior walls and ceiling with painted metal, OSB, or plywood. The wall liner provides protection of the exterior walls as well as a place to hang tools. The ceiling liner allows for the installation of ceiling insulation and keeps the heatdown where it belongs. With the ceiling liner panel be certain to add a 12 overhang with vented soffit, a continuous ridge vent, and a roof condensation barrier for optimal performance.”>



    Laminated PostsLaminated Posts

    Lighter, straighter, and stronger than traditional solid-sawn posts, laminated posts are fast becoming popular in pole barns. These posts utilize three to four plys of 2×6 or 2×8 lumber with the treated lumber being nearer the bottom and standard Yellow Pine being nearer the top of the posts. These boards are all glued and nailed together with state-of-the-art equipment to create the length and strength of post required for each specific barn.”> 6/12 Roof Pitch6/12 Roof Pitch
    If you like the look of a steeper roof or need to be able shed snow more effectively, a 6/12 pitch roof is the answer.”>

  • Engineer Stamped PlansEngineer Stamped Plans

    Our standard building plans are designed to meet all IBC and BOCA building codes, but some building departments demand engineer stamped building plans. If this is the case in your area, we are more than happy to have a third-party architect or engineer stamp your building plans for you.”>

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