Nov 17 2016

How to Find the Best Life Insurance Rates #motorcycle #insurance #quote

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Things You’ll Need

Understand Term Life Insurance – Term Life insurance is the cheapest type of insurance available. This insurance covers you for a fixed amount of time and will pay out a one off lump sum if you die during the policy period. Typically you pay your premiums monthly during the duration of the term. If the policy expires while you are still alive, you do not receive any money at all. Additionally, if you stop paying on your policy, your policy will expire.

Understand Whole Life Insurance – Whole life insurance insures you for your whole life, unlike term insurance, which only pays you upon your death. Whole life insurance is more expensive because the insurance company is sure to have to pay something at the end of the insurance period. Think of whole life as a life insurance policy with a really bad savings account attached. Typically the amount of savings (Cash Surrender Value) does not starting to increase until around year 5 – 10.

Buy Your Policy Earlier in Life – Typically you can qualify for the best life insurance rates when you are young, regardless of the type of policy selected. The sooner in life you purchase your policy, the better your insurance rates will be.

Buy Only What You Need – Most insurance experts suggest buying a policy worth 6 – 10 times your annual salary. Purchasing policies in this dollar range will help ensure that you do not spend too much on your annual premiums.

Utilize the power of the internet – You can get a term insurance quote on any of numerous insurance websites. To get a life insurance quote online visit google and utilize the power of the internet. Get an insurance quote from one site, then find another site and get another. Never purchase the first policy you see.

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