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How to Easily Make Free Picture Quotes

Posted on May 23rd

In my last post I talked about the advantages of making your own Facebook Status Picture Quotes. Today I show you how to easily make free picture quotes, to add to your social networking sites.  The online tools I talk of here are purpose made for picture quotes. You do not need any knowledge of complicated image editing software.

For your background images you can use your own photos and images  or those downloaded from one of the free photo sites. There are plenty of online sites providing lists of quotes, sayings and jokes. Popular categories include motivational and inspirational quotes, love quotes,  funny quotes, sayings and comments,  I will write about these later in this series.

Do not download picture quotes from other sites to upload to Facebook as you will very likely be breaching copyright. Instead you can create your own.

Online Image Tools To Make Free Picture Quotes

If you want to create original picture quotes there are many free online software application tools to help you. You do not need expensive software such as Adobe Photoshop or complicated free programs such as Gimp. Here I review a range of options that I have tried out for you. You do not need to install any software for these and you do not need to sign up to use them.

Each one allows you to upload your own background images, or create an image from scratch, using background colors and various effects, and to add text. You can re-size your images to suit the program you are uploading them to. These applications do vary in the number and type of features, and ease of use, but for simply adding text to an image none are too complicated.

I have tried each of these photo editors myself as you can see by the example picture quotes I have included here.  I have only included the easiest, quicker tools here as you do not need anything complex for this purpose. They are ordered by ease of use and the best features for your needs.


Quozio interface showing a motivational quote with different background options and styles

Quozio is the quickest and easiest of all the online free picture quote creation tools I am reviewing here. You will be able to make use of this immediately, with no learning involved.

One inspiration quote, two different looks

You simply need to copy and paste your quote into the Enter your quote.. box and the quote author in the Who Said It? box underneath. Then press the Go button to generate your image. You can choose a background image from scrollable row of images at the top of the window or accept the default.

Quozio background images, styles and fonts

If you prefer you can save the image to your computer and upload to Facebook from there, or post directly to Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest using the share buttons at the bottom of the generated image window. (see image above).

If you wish to save your image on Quozio, for future use, register and press the Keep button.

The Quozio browser bookmarklet allows you to use text from any website. Drag the bookmarklet to your browser toolbar. When you are on a site and find text that you want to use text for an image quote, highlight the text, hit the Quozio bookmarklet button to copy your text into a Quozio pop up window. Review

A selection of the options available is a simple to use, comprehensive, online tool for creating free picture quotes, as well as other social networking and promotional images. A large range of categorized quotes are available to choose from, which are automatically inserted into whichever size image canvas you have chosen.

Editing features allow you to

  • Alter text and fonts
  • Add lines, borders and shapes
  • Choose a background color or upload your own background image


    Choose a quote Choose what size image yourequire:

    • Status update
    • Facebook Cover
    • New G+ Cover
    • Wallpaper Maker
    • For Prints poster, postcard, business card, photo size

    Choose a font by scrolling through the options

  1. Edit the text as needed or delete the chosen quote and add your own.
  2. Scroll through background color combinations or upload your own background image Add brush strokes, lines and borders

Their only training video to date is about creating a Facebook cover but the same principles apply to picture quotes: Video Tutorial: Creating Facebook Cover

You have a limited choice of font sizes and styles but this is a quick easy tool to use.


Shareasimage is a simple, basic, free picture quotes generating tool but, unless you pay for the upgrade, it just produces grey colored quotes on white backgrounds. The $6.99 upgrade allows you to change text and background colors and change font type. No background photos or images are available on either the free or pro versions.

Examples of the simpler type of picture quote. Made with

Unlike the other resources ShareAsImage is based purely on a bookmarklet tool. You can highlight text anywhere on the web, click on the bookmarklet to add the text to a background. You can then share on a variety of social networking sites.

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