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Housing rent

Providing Affordable Housing

For the people we support, a home is far more than shelter.

As one of the nation’s largest nonprofit providers of quality, affordable housing, we also provide the vital support services needed to thrive.

We create and manage low and moderate-income level housing for the homeless, families with children, the elderly, veterans and their families, and people with disabilities, including physical and mental disabilities.

“I came to visit some friends here and immediately liked it so much, I knew this is where I wanted to be. I liked it because everyone was so friendly and it felt more like a home.”

Jeannette, a resident of one of our affordable homes for seniors in New England

About Our Affordable Housing

Volunteers of America has understood the power of housing as a foundation for life since its beginnings in 1896. And since those early days, Volunteers of America has grown into one of the largest and most effective nonprofit housing organizations in the nation. In its 2017 ranking, Affordable Housing Finance Magazine ranked Volunteers of America as one of the largest nonprofit affordable housing owner in the country in terms of total units owned, and the largest affordable housing owners in terms of total properties.

Our network of affordable housing facilities now includes 484 properties in 40 states and Puerto Rico and our nationwide portfolio has grown to 19,426 affordable housing units and includes large urban complexes, small rural developments, elderly housing, multifamily housing and housing for those with disabilities. We house more than 25,000 people each year.

Additionally, we are also a national leader in providing care and housing for seniors. In the United States today, we are one of the largest nonprofit providers of affordable senior housing and we are a leading nonprofit provider of skilled nursing care and assisted living for seniors. With a comprehensive continuum of housing services, we respond to the varied needs of individuals and families—from sheltering those without homes to assisting first-time home-buyers.

Providing a safe, stable place for seniors, families and those with special needs to live allows us to also offer the services we are known for in settings where our clients and residents feel safe and cared for. Our success continues to help those like Jeannette and others find a safe place to call home.

We are also a proud member of the Partnership for Sustainable Communities, a national nonprofit group dedicated to helping make our communities more environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable through community planning and development.

Our Types of Housing

Senior Housing

For seniors, maintaining independence is very important. At Volunteers of America, we provide housing for seniors who want to live independent lifestyles where they can thrive and age in place. Our senior residents deserve the quality of life that they desire and our commitment to service-enriched housing offers them just that.

Veterans Housing

Every veteran deserves a place to call home. At Volunteers of America, we offer a flexible continuum of housing and supportive services to individual veterans and veterans with families. Our properties consist of studio apartments, one, two and three bedroom apartments as well as four bedroom town homes.

Family Housing

Our properties provide low-income working families a place to call home. In addition to larger units with two, three and four bedrooms, we provide special facilities and services that help to address the needs of both children and their parents. By providing families with the space they need and services that help parents and their children thrive, we help families build communities.

Persons with Disabilities

It is our philosophy that housing for persons with disabilities should reflect the needs and wants of the persons who reside in the homes. The apartments should be capable, from both design and operational perspectives, of accommodating the changing needs of residents. We provide activities, health and medical care, transportation, and individual case management to encourage independence.

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