Sep 30 2017

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Home Insurance

There’s no place like home.

Your home it’s where your favorite spot to relax after a long day is. It’s where your kids come running to after they step off the school bus. It’s where many of life’s milestones have been and many more are to come.  Your home is where you play, plan, and dream with those you love. That’s why it’s essential you insure it properly – both inside and out.

Home Insurance Covers More Than Disasters

Home insurance from Pekin Insurance isn’t just reserved for times of catastrophes such as fire, tornadoes, and other natural disasters – although it’s a welcome sight when your home has been subjected to complete ruin. The hail damage you received to your roof, the broken water heater that flooded your newly finished basement, theft, vandalism, identity theft, and more are all items that can be covered under Pekin Insurance policy.

What home insurance options are available?

Pekin Insurance offers the following types of home insurance that will meet your specific needs at affordable premiums:

We also offer coverage enhancements – like replacement cost coverage for your dwelling and contents, water back-up of sewers and drains, and equipment breakdown – that could end up saving you thousands of dollars in replacement fees for a minimal cost.

What policy discounts are available for home insurance?

Pekin Insurance offers many policy discounts for home insurance. You can take advantage of money-saving discounts like our Auto/Home discount that rewards you for having both your auto and home policies with us and our Mature Homeowners discount that is available to policyholders who are at least 52 years of age. Scan our complete list of policy discounts to see which may be available to you.

How do I sign up for home insurance coverage with Pekin Insurance?

We encourage you to talk with your local Pekin Insurance agent about your specific home insurance needs and coverage options available. This will secure you the best premium rate possible. But to make it simple, here s the process they ll walk you through:

Step 1: Choose your desired coverage level.

Step 2: Browse through our coverage enhancements.

Step 3: Determine if you qualify for any policy discounts.

Step 4: Realize the value of choosing homeowners insurance from Pekin Insurance.

Nothing can prepare you for losing your home.  But with Pekin Insurance, you can protect yourself from the cost of making pricy repairs or the resulting financial fallout. Talk to your local insurance agent to learn more about our home insurance policies and to receive a free home insurance quote and coverage comparison.

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