Aug 16 2017

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Home insurance fit for a king!

Contents i nsurance

Our contents insurance package takes care of all the items inside your house, to include items such as your clothing, television, sound system, furniture and even valuable items of art.

This means that you’ll be comprehensively insured in case anything inside your house gets stolen during a burglary; any electrical equipment gets damaged during a power surge or lightning strike; your contents are damaged because of a flood or a burst geyser; and also if any household item gets damaged by fire.

Buildings i nsurance

Our buildings insurance takes care of damage caused to the structure of your building or to any permanent fixtures or fittings by any of our covered perils.

This includes damage caused due to leaking water-heating systems and pipes; damage to your building materials during construction or alterations to your home; any damage caused by fire or explosion; damage to your home caused by flood or storms; damage to the connection between the water, gas and electricity between your home and the public supply; and even a stray cricket ball flying straight through your living room window.


We’ve also designed a great OUT-and-About insurance (All-Risk Insurance) package to provide you with comprehensive insurance cover for items you use or take outside of your home. This includes anything from jewellery, laptops, camera equipment and cellular phones to MP3 players, iPods, and any type of sporting equipment.

Make sure to get your OUT-and-About insurance sorted to enjoy all-inclusive cover for accidental loss and damage anywhere in the world!

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