Jul 9 2017

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#hartford auto insurance

Hartford Car Insurance

Hartford car insurance rates

Hartford, home to many major insurance companies, doesn’t get much of a break on car insurance. This capital city has the most expensive car insurance rates in Connecticut. (See how Hartford compares with other Connecticut cities by clicking around the map below.)

A look at statewide statistics clearly points out that driving in Connecticut is risky business. Connecticut Department of Transportation data show that between 2009 and 2010 traffic fatalities increased 42 percent. In 2010, Connecticut led all states in the greatest percentage increase in traffic fatalities.

With Hartford as the hub of the state, its roads must also serve a considerable suburban population nearly 10 times that of the city itself. Because land in New England is at a premium and often hilly, secondary roads can be narrow, tree-lined and twisty.

With just two major highways, I-84 and I-91, it doesn t take much to produce backups for miles in every direction. Frequent early morning fogs in summer and the dreaded Nor easter in winter make driving in all seasons a challenge.

Whether you live in Hartford proper or commute from a distant suburb, you should comparison shop for insurance. No two insurers will offer you the same rate, and the difference between them can be measured in hundreds of dollars a year.

Our Connecticut car insurance profile page lays out the rules for Connecticut drivers.

Why car insurance rates in Hartford are scary

Hartford suffers from heavy traffic congestion, but help is on the way. For example, I-84, designed to handle 90,000 vehicles daily, now must handle 165,000. Plans are underway to make the entire highway six lanes. Some relief for I-84 congestion is expected after the construction of the New Britain-Hartford Busway is complete. But until then, construction and the rehabilitation of more than a dozen bridges guarantees several years of detours, re-routings, permanent road closings and more accidents and insurance claims.

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