Nov 12 2016

Georgia Insurance License – Life and Health Insurance License Online School, Courses, Training and Education GA #free #auto #insurance

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Diamond Package – Georgia Fast Track Special

Retail $238. Now Only $119!

The Best Way to a New Career as a Life and Health/Accident Sickness Insurance Sales Agent

Choose this 40-hour course package if you are just starting out and want to obtain your Georgia Life, Accident Sickness insurance license. Curriculum covers General Insurance Principles, National Life Concepts, National Health/Accident Sickness Insurance Concepts, and state regulations specific to Georgia. Along with quizzes on each course unit, you ll have access to one practice exam and two final exams. This pre-license package provides the information you need to pass your Life, Accident Sickness license exam the first time! We are approved as a pre-license provider for the state of Georgia (#163692). Students who prefer a printed study manual may obtain one by calling the Georgia Association of Insurance Financial Advisors at 800-422-0773.

  1. General Insurance Principles Course $50
  2. National Life Insurance Concepts $50
  3. National Health/Accident Sickness Insurance Concepts $50
  4. Georgia Life Insurance Regulations $50
  5. Georgia Accident Sickness Insurance Regulations $50
  6. Check Your Understanding Exercises $25
  7. Personalized Course Pacing Tool $10
  8. Quick the Cement Is Drying: 101 Bits of Wisdom to Jump Start Your Financial Services Career e-Book $25
  9. Georgia Candidate State Testing Handbook Included FREE

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