Jul 24 2017

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Below, you’ll find a sampling of policy premiums for different amounts of coverage. If you have any additional questions or are ready to purchase flood insurance, you can contact an agent .

Rates effective April 1, 2015

These PRP rates are for 1-4 Family Residential. Other residential building and contents coverage combinations are available.

1 Add a $25 HFIAA surcharge for policies covering primary residences only if the named insured’s primary residence is a single-family dwelling, an individual condominium unit, or an apartment in a non-condominium building. Add a $250 HFIAA surcharge for all other policies.

2 Add the $50 Probation Surcharge, if applicable.

3 Premium includes a 10% Reserve Fund Assessment and $22 Federal Policy Fee.

4 Premium includes ICC Premium of $5 for residential coverage up to $230,000 and $4 for coverage over $230,000. Deduct this amount if the risk is a condominium unit.

5 Do not use this section of the table for buildings with crawlspaces or subgrade crawlspaces; see footnote 6. Use this section of the table if a building elevated on a crawlspace has an attached garage without openings.

6 Use this section of the table for buildings with crawlspaces or subgrade crawlspaces.

7 Use this “All Residential Contents-Only Coverage” premium table for individual residential condominium unit contents-only policies.

Note: Residential condominium associations are not eligible for the PRP. Individual residential condominium units in residential condominium buildings are eligible for the PRP. In addition, individual residential condominium unit owners in nonresidential condominium buildings are only eligible for contents coverage. The deductibles apply separately to building and contents. Building deductible, $1,000. Contents deductible, $1,000.

To qualify for replacement cost claim settlement, a single-family dwelling must be the insured’s principal residence and be insured to the maximum amount of insurance available under the program or no less than 80% of the replacement cost at the time of loss, whichever is less. Please refer to the Standard Flood Insurance Policy (SFIP) for further explanation and requirements.

Rates in high-risk areas (A and V Zones) are calculated based on a variety of factors, including elevation and building construction. Policies can be purchased for contents only, building only, or both contents and building coverage. Talk to a licensed insurance agent to determine the premium for your specific property.

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