Mar 16 2018

Fast and Instant Online Cash Loans $500-$750 – No Credit Check, instant cash loans.#Instant #cash #loans

Fast & Instant Online Cash Loans $500-$750 – No Credit Check

Available Pay Frequencies:

Pay back your loan over 3 months or more

Paperless online loans

Fill in Your Information

Fill up Your Bank Account

Fast loans approval

92% of Customers

receive a loan request answer within the hour

when applying during business hours

No Credit Check Loans

Same Day Deposit

Flexible loan payment schedule: 3,6 or 12 installments

Thanks to Our Flexible Payment Schedule, We Are The Substitute to Loans.

We Cater to Your Needs. We Adapt our Repayment Schedule to Your Pay Frequency.

Captain Cash s Superpower is Transparency

All loans Fees Are Disclosed Up-Front

What is a cash loan ??

An online cash loans is a quick way to get money in your bank account.Whether or not a cash loan in is the best option for you depends on your unique circumstances. If you’re experiencing a temporary and atypical cash-flow crunch, it very well may be the answer you’re looking for. Our online loan products are also geared toward those who:

  1. Need a little extra money to float them through to next payday
  2. Have experienced past credit setbacks
  3. Haven’t yet had the opportunity to establish a strong credit history
  4. Are being faced with unexpected expenses
  5. Need an immediate, short-term income boost for a small-scale expenditure

Apply by phone:

Our Customers are our most appreciated & valued asset!

Our Customer Care Associates are dedicated to making this an effortless and simple deal.

Apply online:

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Now We Fill Up Your Account!

During your application, you will be able to sign directly online on our secured e-signature platform.

Why use e-signature? Signing online saves time and energy, and allows you to get your cash faster.

Renewing your cash loan is even easier and faster. Once again, you may apply online or over the phone.

Captain Cash is a brokerage company dedicated to finding cash loans for clients that have either

good or bad credit. Our team prides itself on our amazing customer service. Our mission

is to meet and surpass your needs. With Captain Cash, it’s quick, easy and simple.

Annual percentage rate (APR):

The APR on the amount borrowed from the lender is 28 to32%.With a transaction fee of $ 0.50, the total interest rate can reach 34.4%.

For example, a loan of $ 500 including all the fees and interest will result in a reimbursement of about $ 750.


Our loyal customers can renew after a grace period to give them time to complete a previous loan before the beginning of payment cycles of their new loan.

Faster reimbursement:

Pay off your loan over a period of 90 to 120 days depending on your payroll frequency. You can repay your loan more quickly by making higher payments. You will save on interest.

Missed payments and credit rating:

Any missed payment will be postponed to the end of your contract, and will result in $ 45 fee for insufficient funds, as stated in the contract. This will have no impact on your credit score at our business. If you need to defer a payment, you must call 48 hours in advance; this will result in a $ 25 fee, and will be added to the end of your contract. Loans repaid properly show good will and make the renewal of your loan hassle-free.

Responsible Collections:

Our company uses responsible collection practices. If you fail to make your payments, our collection agents may terminate your payment plan and use different methods to recover the money owed. Payments that are terminated will accumulate interest on the outstanding balance of your loan. The borrower is responsible for all legal fees required to obtain the balance due. The uncollected debts are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Responsible Loan Policy:

All applications are subject to a screening process in order to ensure that the borrower has sufficient income to repay the loan. This includes but is not limited to: check that your monthly salary is sufficient to repay the loan qualifies for such a loan; you do not have an excessive amount of insufficient funds for expenses in your bank account; you do not have an excessive amount of pre-authorized payments charged to your bank account can interfere with your ability to pay your loan on time. If you encounter any of these criteria, your loan application will be denied.

Borrow responsibly:

Please borrow responsibly. We offer a way to help you during difficult times. However, the interest rate is higher than the rate of local banks. These loans should only be taken out when you do not have other options for financial assistance,and you should be used as seldom as possible. If contracted in knowingly, this loan can prove to be the right solution for you. However, the fact of getting together a large number of short-term loans could lead to serious financial problems and debt impossible to bear.


Please borrow responsibly. We are offering you a way to help in a difficult time. However, the interest rate is higher than the rate of local banks. They should only be taken when you have no other options for financial assistance and should be used as seldom as possible. When taken seriously it may be the right answer for you. However, taking on many short term loans at the same time could result in serious financial problems and an overbearing debt.

Please note that filling an application does not garantee a loan approval. Make sure to read our eligibility guidelines attentively. Once your application has been filled up, we will do our verification process and get in touch in a timely manner.

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