Sep 8 2017

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Wipe Hard Drive

Safely Erase Hard Drive Data with Wiper Software

When you are planning to sell your computer or pass it onto someone else, you might not think at first just how harmful that can be. Sure, you may format the hard disk, assuming that all of the data on it is deleted and that no one will be able to retrieve your data.

In reality, however, things are a little bit different. When you delete a file or format your hard disk or any other kind of media, you’re not actually deleting anything at all.

All formatting a disk or deleting a file does is mark the previously occupied disk space as free space. This means that other data can overwrite it in the future. Eventually, the deleted data will be overwritten so many times that it will become completely irretrievable. One format or deletion is nothing like enough, however.

When you pass along your computer, hard drive included, you need to make absolutely sure that the disk is completely wiped of any sensitive information. You must wipe hard drive data. These days, we use our computers for many different purposes, including Internet banking and online purchases. This means that you will probably have your financial information stored on the computer.

In addition to that, you likely have plenty of other data stored on your computer which you wouldn’t want to fall into the wrong hands. When someone else has access to your hard disk, formatted or not, they can, theoretically, access this data. One does not even have to be particularly computer-savvy to do so. Recovery software designed for getting back deleted data is everywhere these days, and it certainly doesn’t take an expert computer user to recover deleted data.

The program supports many security standards from many different countries, including the US DoD 5220.22-M standard. The program will display information about your hard disk and all of its partitions. It also works with other media such as floppy disks, USB drives and other flash media. It can erase all partitions, including any hidden partitions which don’t show up in your operating system.

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