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Elephant Car Insurance Number – 0843 557 4812 #medical #insurance

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Number For Elephant Car Insurance

Why Might I Need The Elephant Car Insurance Phone Number?

  • Renew your car insurance
  • Cancel your existing policy
  • Change details on your policy
  • Make a claim
  • You are unable to make your monthly payment

A Background To Elephant Car Insurance

Elephant Car Insurance launched in the summer of 2000. At the time of its launch, it was the first car insurance company to based completely online; although it did offer call centres in case customers needed to get in contact with them.

Its head offices are based in Cardiff and there are also offices in Swansea, Newport and Halifax.

Elephant is a subsidiary of the Admiral Group, who is also responsible for Diamond, Bell and Admiral Insurance too. The Admiral Group currently employs over 5,000 people and has in excess of 3 million customers.

The iconic  logo of the Elephant brand is Trunkie , an animated elephant, who is currently voiced by Nick Frost.

When deciding on your car insurance you can tailor-make your policy to suit by including extras such as personal injury cover, hire car cover, breakdown cover and keycare cover.

There is also an option to take out the Premium Protector cover which covers the cost of your car insurance premiums if you are unable to make the payments due to an accident, illness or unemployment.

Elephant also offers Home, Travel, Motorbike and Van Insurance, as well as the opportunity to view your policy documents online. If you have any questions about the services Elephant offers, you can ring the Elephant Insurance Contact Number .

Why Elephant For Car Insurance?

Elephant offers no nonsense, straightforward car insurance that is great value for money. They have a strong belief that car insurance should be three things quick, easy and reliable.

They can boast impressive prices, with one in ten customers paying just £193 for their car insurance cover, and they work towards the aim that everyone wants cheaper car insurance.

The Elephant comprehensive policies come with a range of benefits as standard, which now includes Sports Equipment Cover too. Below you will find details of the extras that are included without incurring any additional costs:

  • Windscreen Repair-  If you get a chip in your windscreen, Elephant will repair or replace it, although excess fees apply
  • Personal Injury Cover-  Get £5,000 of personal injury cover for yourself and your spouse to support you if you have been involved in a serious accident
  • Named Driver Bonus-  Any additional named drivers on your policy could earn an Elephant No Claims Bonus to use with an Elephant policy
  • In Car Entertainment Cover (ICE)-  Worth up to the value of £1,250 or 15% of the value of your car, whichever comes in as the lowest figure
  • Drive In Europe-  You have got cover to drive in Europe for up to 90 days in any year of cover with Elephant

If you have questions about their policies, you can ring the Elephant Insurance Number.

Multicar Insurance From Elephant

If you have two or more cars in your house, it is worth considering looking at Elephants parent company, Admiral, for a multi car policy.

By taking out a multi car policy you can get discounted rates for each car as well as a similar level of protection that is offered by Elephant.

If you decide to take out a comprehensive multicar policy through Admiral, you will get:

  • Courtesy Car
  • £100,000 worth of Motor Legal Protection
  • £5,000 worth of personal injury cover
  • Any named drivers could earn a no claims bonus
  • Cover for driving in Europe
  • Cover for your windscreen

Elephant Car Warranty

Elephant works together with Warranty Direct to offer this service.

By opting to take out this service, you will extend your warranty to cover the costs of parts and labour if you need to repair your car following a break down due to mechanical or electronic failure.

Your policy also includes a number of useful features, such as:

  • Cover for failures that are due to wear and tear (provided you ve had your policy for 90 days)
  • Cover for an uninsured part failing that then goes on to break or damage an insured part
  • You can choose the garage that you want to carry out any repairs.

If you opt to take out the car warranty, you can rest assured that you will receive a high standard of complete protection and can use flexible payment plans to make the budgeting a little bit easier.

Other Insurance Services Offered From Elephant

Elephant Travel Insurance

Travel insurance from Elephant is offered in conjunction with Rock Insurance Services.

Depending on the level of cover you decide to take out, you can expect to receive perks such as 24 hour support in an emergency, the cost of medical expenses covered and cover for personal accidents.

You can take out different types of travel insurance through Elephant:

  • Single Trip
  • Annual Trip
  • Golf Holiday
  • Winter Sports
  • Cruise

Motorbike Insurance From Elephant

Vast Visibility provides motorbike insurance for Elephant.

When you search for motorbike insurance through Elephant you will be presented with a comparison of more than 30 brokers who will provide good quality cover and value for money.

Also, if you don t ride very far each year, you can look at taking out a limited mileage policy, which can come with an Elephant Bike Insurance discount.

Elephant s Van Insurance

Van Insurance from Elephant is offered through Gladiator.

Gladiator will provide cover for a wide selection of vans and can also give cover for courier services.

Although many people do use a van for work, there are also those who use it for recreational purposes, such as taking their quad bike to their next race or moving some DIY gear. Gladiator can offer different policies to suit whatever you use your van for.

Home Insurance By Elephant

If you want to take out Home Insurance through Elephant, you will have to liaise with their parent company, Admiral.

Admiral offers three levels of insurance:

  • Admiral-  Good level of cover that can be customised
  • Admiral Gold-  Includes everything in Admiral with some additional extras
  • Admiral Platinum-  Provides the highest level of cover for those who want a full featured policy

Could A Roof Rack Invalidate Your Car Insurance?

February 27th, 2015

It is something you might not think about until it comes to you making a claim, but insurance companies are hedging themselves with exclusions that most people wouldn’t register until it is too late.

There has been a recent case of a vicar, who had car stickers that said “Christ Must Be Saviour” and “Christ For Me” on her vehicle, which could be considered to be modifications on her car, therefore invalidating her insurance policy. This situation emphasizes how important it is to read the small sprint, as Reverend Wena Parry, 75, was told this reasoning by Age UK insurance.

In terms of car insurance, anything from alloy wheels to a roof rack would be considered a modification and could theoretically make your insurance invalid. Even cosmetic changes, such as tinted windows of a spoiler could cause the same issue.

You will also need to inform your insurer if you purchased the car second hand and didn’t make the changes yourself.

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