Aug 17 2017

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Educational Technology Master’s Degree Programs

Educational technology master’s degree programs can help you make the most of modern technology in the classroom. This article guides you through a common master’s program, including courses on teaching programs and methods of online learning. Schools offering Instructional Design degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Is an Educational Technology Master’s Degree Program Like?

While many educational technology master’s degree programs are geared towards current teachers, you can also earn the degree to pursue work as a consultant, instructional designer, trainer, technology specialist or other related careers. Some programs require you to be able to spend time in a classroom while you’re earning the degree, though, so some teaching experience is often necessary. Your coursework often requires you to conduct research and complete hands-on projects. Online educational technology master’s degree programs are very common, allowing you to keep your current job and complete coursework on your own time.

Consultant, trainer, technology specialist, instructional designer

Hardware and software, theories of learning, resource management, information delivery

Online or on campus

What Courses Will I Take?

The courses you take in an educational technology master’s degree program give you the skills you need to work with computers, media and online teaching tools. You learn how to assess and create technology-based teaching programs, and you gain knowledge of both the hardware and software used in educational technology. Other courses discuss the theories and principles of learning, the management of technological resources and the delivery of information. Some programs also offer courses in games and simulated experiences.

In some cases, programs require you to complete a culminating project and a final paper. You’re expected to create a program, implement it in your classroom and complete a paper that assesses the project’s success. Other programs offer courses that focus extensively on research. Additionally, some programs include portfolio-building courses.

How Does Online Learning Work?

If you choose an online educational technology master’s degree program, you receive the same level of instruction as you would in your school’s on-campus program. In most cases, you access course materials, lecture videos, discussions and presentations via your school’s Internet-based classroom platform. Participation on message boards is often required, allowing you to interact with your instructors and classmates. Some schools emphasize relationship-building within cohort groups, giving you a collaborative experience.

While you’re able to complete your coursework on your own schedule, most schools still require you to adhere to standard academic schedules. Assignment due dates and exam times still apply. A working computer and a high-speed Internet connection are usually all you need to get started.

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