Sep 20 2017

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Ecommerce Shop Management

Ecommerce Shop Management Inventory Software

ECommerce is flourishing and you know having an online presence is one way of ensuring that your business has the visibility it needs. Some companies also conduct business via multiple websites and this adds to the complexity of the inventory management situation. Operating an online business and then updating inventory information is an unenviable task.

The Power of Automation

Wouldn’t it be convenient if the information that was received from your website/s was automatically recognized by the inventory system and then transferred into the corresponding sales orders? Most eCommerce companies don’t really house their inventory and choose to ship products from their warehouses, straight to customers.

In order to run such a process seamlessly, you will need someone in the data-entry department to actually transcribe all the orders manually. Just opt for the simpler route- automate the entire process with iMagic Inventory. We have the perfect solution for any eCommerce company.

Iron-Out Operational glitches

iMagic Inventory streamlines the entire process from start to finish and ensures that your business runs as smoothly as you want it to. After all, operational excellence translates to profitability. Our innovative software:

  • Import orders from ecommerce sites
  • Generates corresponding sales orders
  • Updates inventory
  • Creates purchase orders
  • Reduces man hours
  • Increases speed
  • Enhances productivity
  • Eliminates human errors
  • Helps in transfer of large amounts of data
  • Provides better visibility of products
  • Helps in controlling costs
  • Increases profitability

Best Practices for your Business

Irrespective of whether you are selling products in retail or wholesale via your website/s, inventory management issues are something that you will have to deal with. Plan in advance, organize processes and also weigh the options of outsourcing inventory. If this is how you are currently running your business, iMagic Inventory will integrate and manage all your orders in one single system. It will help:

  • Update customer orders on demand
  • Import website stock levels from multiple sources
  • Avoid overselling
  • Create and manage all purchase orders
  • Apply default discounts where necessary
  • Add any extra costs like taxes and freight
  • Get accurate moving average costs
  • Create inventory tags
  • Create and maintain a customer list
  • Maintain quote records
  • Maintain customer history
  • Maintain document history
  • Create and maintain shipping documents

The list of benefits of using iMagic Inventory is truly an endless one. In addition to all the points mentioned above, you can also maintain a record of and track tax rates and Email documents. You can create an archive of inventory images and custom variants of all the products you stock and sell via your online store. Real time visibility means complete control and a bump-free ride.

The one-click functionality takes away invoicing stress and you can generate invoices from orders in a jiffy. Our system is scalable and has the flexibility to grow even as your business grows. iMagic Inventory provides control and seamless multi-user functionality. Keep every link between your ECommerce store and your warehouse database intact and complete the sales cycles, gain sales insight and make better buying decisions.

Sales analytics is the key to understanding and controlling all the facets of your online business. What we offer you is a user-friendly interface that is simplified with workflow design. It is the perfect solution for multi-warehouse businesses and you can shift stock between the various warehouses. What this means for you is less chaos and much more control.

Wield the iMagic Sword

Competition is rife and success in your business venture depends a lot on using the right tools, managing your inventory effectively, reorganizing and evolving even as market demands keep changing hue. Don’t let any of this faze you. Let iMagic Inventory be your behind-the-scenes partner to help you gain foresight into your eCommerce business and flourish in the face of the toughest competition.

Download our free trial and see the benefits for yourself.

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