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ECar Insurance Contact Number – 0843 658 6895 #used #car #for #sale

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eCar Insurance Contact Number

If you are a policy holder with eCar and have broken down or been involved in an accident, make a claim today by calling the eCar insurance contact telephone number.

Why Should I Call The eCar Insurance Contact Number?

  • Make a claim after an accident in the UK or Europe
  • Make a claim after a broken windshield
  • Call for breakdown recovery

What Can eCar Do For Me?

If you are looking for an affordable car insurance solution then  consider getting covered by eCar. Their online management system allows you to manage your insurance whenever you feel like it any hour of the day and any day of the week. The savings eCar make on operating a full call centre and then passed onto clients through cheaper insurance rates. As well as offering a normal yearly insurance policy eCar also offer short term insurance policies to cover you from as little as one day up to 28 days. As well as this they also run an extremely flexible pay as you go policy, this allows you to turn off your insurance when you don t need it. If you have left your car in the garage for a few days then you can turn the insurance off and save money while the car is not being used. eCar also insure business vehicles, bikes, vans and they provide home insurance too.

If you have already taken out insurance from eCar and have been involved in an incident, calling the eCar insurance phone number will allow you to make a claim. To do so, you need to state your name, registration number, car details and the nature of your accident. All claims have to be made within 48 hours and lines are open 24 hours a day throughout the year. If your vehicle has broken down, eCar will assist you day or night as promised in their Homestart Breakdown Recovery policy. If it s beyond repair, furthermore, a courtesy car will be sent out for you. eCar also provide windshield cover which you can claim for if yours has been damaged or broken. eCar s services extend to Europe. They will pay the call-out charges for roadside repairs and one hour of labour costs. If your vehicle has not been repaired within that hour, eCar can pay for transport to a suitable repairer and take you to a convenient destination in the meantime. Temporary replacements are also available. Call the eCar phone number provided should this occur.

Who Are eCar?

eCar is part of eGroup, an insurance business set up in 2004 by four industry executives who saw the chance to do something unique by being entirely online. It originally began with eBike which catered entirely to those looking for cheap motorcycle insurance. It was an instant success and not long after they extended their services to eHome, eLife, eVan and eCar. eGroup have now sold over one million policies.

Opening Hours

The eCar contact number is open from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. It is closed on bank holidays.

Car Insurance Drops Thanks to Driving Licenses Going Online

August 8th, 2014

Car insurance fees look set to take a dive, as the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) plans to make all driving licence records available online.

The DVLA, which is responsible for the issuing of driving licenses and monitoring of drivers and driving instructors, has decided to make all driving licence information available for public use to encourage driver transparency and safety on the road.

It will be created by the MyLicence initiative, part of a government pledge that is aiming to transfer services online in a bid to cut costs. By Autumn 2014, the database will be available to all care insurers so they can offer more accurate prices for insurance and take all risks into account.

Currently, insurers have to generate insurance costs based on estimates and information supplied by drivers. However, because drivers can make mistakes or be untruthful about their driving history, providers are forced to make premiums higher in order to compensate for these price in risk factors.

With the arrival of MyLicence, insurers will instead be able to make more accurate decisions on the price of car insurance for individual drivers. It is expected that the scheme could help car insurance premiums drop by £15 for many motorists.

According to the comparison site GoCompare, the MyLicence initiative will work by asking drivers to provide their driving licence numbers (DLN) when applying for insurance for their vehicle. Insurers will then be able to use these DLNs to access the necessary driving records, such as driving points, entitlement to drive, speeding endorsements and the type of licence held.

This will help providers process a more accurate car insurance cost.

The MyLicence scheme is also predicted to make obtaining quotes quicker for drivers, as insurers will no longer need to ask as many detailed questions during the registration process. It is also expected to greatly reduce the number of mistakes or anomalies made.

As well as setting up the MyLicence database, the government also plans to transfer the paper driving licences to digital, phasing out its paper counterpart by the end of 2015. Plans for an assissted service to help those less tech-savvy get familiar with the internet are also in the pipeline.

The growing trend on online services as demonstrated by government reflects the increase in car insurance companies who choose to operate solely online.

These include companies like Quote Me Happy and Ecar, which cut the costs of call centres by offering clients a simplified, online car insurance service.


Customer Service Guru is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to eCar Insurance. The direct contact number for eCar Insurance can be found in the public domain or on their official website.

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