Nov 23 2016

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Direct General Overtime Lawsuit

Lawsuit Update – March 6, 2014

The Court in Thompson v. Direct General Consumer Products, et al. has conditionally certified the case as a collective action, with respect to those agents who worked for Direct General and its subsidiaries in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Missouri. Click Thompson v. Direct General to read the Order conditionally certifying the class. If you worked for Direct General in any state, and believe you were not paid your full and proper wages and/or overtime, contact us to learn more about your rights today.

Elizabeth Thompson, Lynn Cardinale and other insurance agents who worked for Direct General have sued Direct General for failure to pay overtime compensation for all overtime hours worked. Specifically, they allege that Direct General failed to include earned commissions when calculating the overtime owed to all agents and also forced them to work off-the-clock without pay. If true, this is illegal under federal law and agents are entitled to additional overtime compensation.

The law firm of Morgan & Morgan, P.A. has filed a collective action complaint against Direct General for these employees and all other agents who worked for Direct General in federal court in Tennessee. To date, agents from Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Missouri have joined the case. The lawsuit seeks to recover all unpaid overtime wages owed to the class, liquidated damages, and attorneys’ fees and costs. To read a copy of the collective action complaint, please click here .

If you feel you have experienced these same issues and wish to speak to a lawyer, please call or email:

C. Ryan Morgan, Esq.

Morgan & Morgan, P.A.

20 North Orange Avenue, Suite 1600

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Telephone: (407) 418-2069

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