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DEA Youth Dance Program

Fast Facts about the DEA YDP:

  • Students participate in a professional designed free curriculum .
  • The DEA YDP funds a limited number of scholarships to students wishing to continue dance education at a local studio in their city.
  • The DEA YDP is committed to community service and volunteer programs. as well as a council for parents’ involvement .
  • Students who have been through the program previously and have been involved in a scholarship program, have been asked to go back to their old schools or previous grade to assist with student teaching.
  • Professional training programs in administration, classroom skills and safety are provided to DEA YDP dance instructors.
  • A $6,300 donation will pay for an entire program for a year at a school, including performances, 20 weeks of dance classes, instructor training and instructor training.

The Curriculum

  • The DEA YDP Program begins at a participating school with an assembly led by a professional company. The professional company demonstrates different styles of dance to appropriate musical choices, speaks to the students as role-models, and asks students volunteers to try out movement during the performance hour.
  • Students may then elect to register for a free 20-week dance class series led by a professional dance instructor.
  • At the end of 20 weeks, students perform in a community or school performance setting, bringing family and other students together.
  • Students are encouraged to apply for scholarship at a local studio for the long-term study in dance.

Students targeted to participate in the program are primarily in upper elementary and middle school years.Classroom goals include incorporating positive themes such as:

  • Participating in positive alternatives to drugs and gang violence
  • Building of self-esteem, teamwork
  • Resisting negative peer pressure
  • Focusing on positive health and attitude

School Locations

The DEA YDP kicked off in Washington, DC and Los Angeles in the Spring of 2012.Current Cites include: Annapolis MD, Arlington VA, Auburn WA, Aurora IL, Austin TX, Baltimore MD, Boston MA, Chicago IL, City of Industry CA, Dallas TX, Federal Way WA, Flushing, NY, Fort Worth TX, Houston TX, Jersey City NJ, Kennett Square PA, Lima OH, Los Angeles CA, New York NY, Pacific Grove CA, Philadelphia PA, Phoenix AZ, Port Huron MI, Quincy MA, Seattle WA, Shepardstown WV, Silver Spring MD, Sioux City IA, Tacoma WA, Tampa FL, Van Nuys CA, Washington D.C, Westchester NY and West Chicago IL.

Dance Company Partners

A major part of the DEA YDP is working with these leading Dance Companies and organizations.

Anticipated Future Dance Company Participation: San Diego, Dragonfly

Corporate Sponsors and Donors

Donors, Sponsors and Fundraising:

The DEA YDP extends its thanks and appreciation to the following organizations and individuals who have contributed to the success of the program.

Donors and Sponsors:


Look Who’s Talking

Here are some quotes in response to asking students this question: What the DEA YDP did for them personally:

“Learn how to dance.”
“To stay drug-free.”
“Help me make friends.”
“Let me have a good time.”
“Help me express my feelings.”
“Dance more.”
“It showed me how to dance.”
“It helped me know how to fight drugs.”
“Helped me know to resist drugs.”
“Let me express my feelings.”
“Keeps me healthy.”
“Improve dance.”
“Inspire me.”
“Help me so I don’t drink and smoke when I get older.”
“Taught me to stay healthy.”
“It gave me hope.”
“It gave me a foundation even though I have no intention to do drugs.”
“Make me a better person.”
“They encourage us not to give up”
“Made me feel confident!”
“It helped me get fit.”
“Know how to dance.”

Youth Dance Program News

January 11, 2016

Pamela Hetherington is a Philadelphia based Tap Dancer, Director, Performer and Dance Educator. A Philly native, this is Pam’s second year teaching for the DEA Youth Dance Program at the Memphis Street Academy Charter School. Pam is a three time grant winner from the PA Council of the Arts. She is passionate about keeping the art of Tap Dance alive through education, accessibility, and community projects such as the DEA Youth Dance Program! Her passion is so clear, it is what she is here to do!

Pam is an exceptional, patient, fun teacher while working with our students in Philadelphia. So much can be said about her dedication to teacher dance and creating her art form. We are lucky to have her as a part of our program! Her website is: to learn more about this Philadelphia artist!

The DEA Youth Dance Program was recently honored at a Los Angeles fundraiser, “Our Gift of Light,” an annual charity performance hosted by Fancy Feet Dance Studio. The DEA YDP was the recipient of over $10,000 to support local Los Angeles programming.

Huge thank you to Fancy Feet Dance Studio for their Our Gift of Light event that raised nearly $10,000 for the DEA Youth Dance Program.

In July of 2014, DEA YDP students from Lima, Ohio were invited to perform at the Dizzy Feet Foundation’s Celebration of Dance. The performance took place at the The Music Center at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, California.

In July of 2014, the DEA YDP was featured in the Lima, Ohio news:

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