Credit Cards, cheapest way to accept credit cards.#Cheapest #way #to #accept #credit #cards

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Credit Cards, cheapest way to accept credit cards.#Cheapest #way #to #accept #credit #cards


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Credit Cards


Amex, 3mths 5%, up to 1% after, No annual fee, 22.9% rep APR



Asda, Up to 1% back, plus 20 Asda bonus. 19.9% rep APR


Amex, 100 vouchers, No annual fee in year 1


Halifax, Up to 43mths 0%, 3.29% fee, 18.9% rep APR


Barclaycard, 37mths 0%, 1.4% fee, 18.9% rep APR


Virgin Money, 30mths 0%, 0.55% fee, 19.9% rep APR



The AA, up to 30mths 0%, 18.9% rep APR

Long 0%

Halifax, Up to 30mths 0%, 18.9% rep APR

For poor credit


MBNA, 4.9% for 60mths, 0.5% fee, 8.9% rep APR

Always repay IN FULL every month to avoid interest wiping out cashback gains

Always repay or switch before the 0% ends or you’ll pay the APR

Ensure all borrowing is affordable, and clear the debt before the 0% ends, or you’ll pay the APR

Credit Cards

Cheapest way to accept credit cards

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Post here to ask a question or discuss Stoozing

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Cheapest way to accept credit cards

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    Cheapest way to accept credit cards

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    Cheapest way to accept credit cards

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    Cheapest way to accept credit cards

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    • Cheapest way to accept credit cards

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  • Cheapest way to accept credit cards

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  • Cheapest way to accept credit cards

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  • Cheapest way to accept credit cards

    When will your student loan be written off?

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