Aug 10 2017

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Making final preparations fulfills a responsibility to yourself and those you care about most.

Compare Life Insurance Products

Consumers buy financial products and services as solutions for many different goals and objectives. Old American Insurance Company uses a personalized approach when helping clients find solutions. This approach differentiates us and enables the best product fit possible. Because we have several products available for a particular need, final expenses, it’s important for you to match the right product to your specific need.

Old American Insurance Company offers many plans to meet the coverage that fits you.

Whole Life Final Expense

Immediate Death Benefit

This final expense insurance product comes in one of four plans to fit your age, health and financial situation. Depending on the individual plan, premiums are paid over the life of the policy or paid up in 10-20 years, offering clients a limited premium payment period.

Two-year Modified Graded Death Benefit

Broken down into one of three products, this insurance plan is built to fit individual qualifications. Depending on the product, it is designed for clients who are between 40-80 years of age and who may have current health problems. The benefits are modified for the first two years of the policy; circumstances and allowances vary.

Increasing Benefit Series

This series is available in one of two products, depending on which premium payment period fits your financial needs. Each has a death benefit that increases at a rate of five percent per year. This series is particularly attractive for clients who want to pay their premiums over a limited period of time.

Juvenile – Peace of Mind for Tomorrow

This policy is an excellent choice for parents and grandparents who want to insure children ages two weeks to 15 years. The face amount is payable upon the death of the insured and the level premiums are payable for 10 years, in which time it will be paid in full.

Term Protection

Term Life

Term life insurance provides life insurance protection for a specified period of time and is issued to individuals ages 20-65. This plan offers guaranteed level premiums for 20 years. After 10 years and before age 65, individuals may re-qualify for a new term policy for a new specified period of time or consider a whole life insurance plan.

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