Jul 31 2017

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Car Insurance

Quick car insurance quotes are easy using our comparison tool above. Use it to find cheap insurance quotes based on where you live and the type of coverage you want.  You’ll be contacted by local insurance agents who will offer you their best quotes – and who can offer you further information and advice if you need it.

Before Getting A Quick Car Insurance Quote On

Before using our car insurance quote comparison tool above. Be sure to have the zip code you drive the most in ready. Second, have your drivers license and any paperwork related to your car. This could include but is not limited to tickets, fines or other related paperwork. However most likely a drivers license is just fine to start the free quote tool but keep in mind some insurance agents will ask for additional information before you buy an insurance policy from them. To get a quick quote just enter your 5 digit zip code using the tool above this page.

Contact us for more information if you have any questions. Otherwise, please enter your zip code above to start getting free quotes for car insurance. Looking for more information about car insurance continue reading below.

How Auto Insurance Quotes Work

At the very least, auto insurance covers damage to your car as a result of an accident.  Some states also require liability insurance which will provide funds to cover damage done to others.  It’s important to know your state’s car insurance requirements – that’s why’ s insurance quote tool begins with a zip code.

The car insurance quotes you get will include the basic requirements for your state and offer various options to enhance your policy.  For example, if you’re in a state where liability insurance isn’t required, you may want to purchase it anyway.  You’ll have options for lower or higher deductibles (higher ones will decrease your policy rates), extra coverage for certain items like glass damage, personal property (certain items in your car that might not be covered by homeowner’s insurance), and so on.  Check these carefully to make sure you get the options that make the most sense for your lifestyle and that you can afford.

Good news is that insurance companies are beginning to incentivize their policy owners by granting them discounts when they stay out of trouble.  Some will decrease your rates if you don’t get into accidents, don’t get tickets, have GPS or anti-theft devices installed – even take driver’s education classes.  Taking those classes is important for new drivers who typically have the highest car insurance rates.

The list below is what many car insurers look for to assess your risk rating.  Take a look to see how risky – or safe – you look to the insurance company.

  • Driver’s record (accidents and tickets indicate recklessness)
  • Steady job (your ability to pay)
  • Home ownership or long-term rental (sense of responsibility)
  • Age (younger drivers are considered riskier)
  • Sex (females tend to be considered safer drivers…sorry guys….)
  • Married or Single (married drivers get lower rates)
  • Type or Class of Vehicle (motorcycles, sports cars, etc… are considered higher risk)


Liability Insurance

Coverage for bodily injury or damage to property that results from an accident.

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