Oct 26 2017

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As I said in the previous blog the Dublin Coffman 7on7 tournament was a really well organized tournament with 26 schools. Good teams from all divisions, good coaching, good high school players, and some college level talent.

As you read this article, please remember that most of my evaluations are on underclassmen. Mentioned some seniors, but underclassmen are important to what I do for the colleges.

Dublin Coffman Impressed with slot receiver Mike Drennen II. Fast. Excellent burst. Catches the ball with his hands. Senior Jeslord Boateng(6 2-210) passes the eyeball test and runs well at LBer. Heard that he was committed to Michigan State. Need to keep improving burst, but I also liked seniors Griffin Hoak (6 1-220) and Luke Crabtree (6 1-220).

Nordonia Their best junior was not here. Really like Nyles Beverly(2019), a tough corner with size.

Hilliard Bradley Good to see senior Kory Taylor back on the field. At 6 5-205, he has excellent speed on the outside and will go over the middle. Must be patient, because he is coming off a major leg injury. WR Daevon Anderson(2018) also has excellent speed. Guessin 6 1-170. Catches the ball well. Like his burst. Watched Zach Hummel(2019) start varsity basketball last winter. Playing slot, but at guessin 6 3-230 he could play either side of ball. A possible TE. Junior Cannon Blauser has turf toe and did not play. Plays OLB at 6 3-205 and has a ton of potential. WR Trey Warner (2019) is long and has good speed. Need to see more, but like his potential. Continue Reading

July 22, 2017 Blog 8

The 7on7 passing tournament at Dublin Coffman High School today was simply unreal. The competition the players the talent the organization was outstanding. I will do another blog on the tournament, but for now, I want to mention three high profile recruits.

The talent skills of Jaelen Gill, Blue Smith, and Zach Harrison are so easily recognizable that my 91 year old mother would rate them MSR top guys. These three are more than just talented national recruits. They are good kids, probably getting tired of the recruiting circus.

I have watched Jaelen(2018) since his sophomore year at Westerville South High School. Fun to have followed his development. Big time injury a year ago has slowed down his development, but he looked good today. Guessin squeezing 6 1-185. Fast, tough, and athletic. Told me today that he will be an H-back at Ohio State. Continue Reading

Along with seniors, some good young college prospects competed at the University of Dayton 7on7 competition on Monday. But I guess with the teams there, I should not have been surprised. A top 7on7 competition.

Dunbar seniors Tavion Thomas(RB) and Joseph Scates(WR) looked good. I will say this about Joseph Monday was the best that I have seen him. Worked hard and ran better routes. I liked his attitude and that has not always been the case with me. Plays with a lot of emotion.

Senior Blue Smith played well. Ran sharp, brisk routes. Snatches the ball. Coach Jay Minton did a good job of getting more receivers involved, since this was just a 7on7 workout and not the State Championship game.

Miami commit, Jadon Rucker-Furlow played well, especially as a safety. Closes on the ball well. Last year at this time, was his first competition on a football field. Also liked Dawson Martin. Still believe that his best football is ahead of him. Continue Reading

July 18, 2017 Blog 10

Does it ever get to be old -stuff? Does it ever get to be same o, same o? Does it ever get tiring saying, have not made the choice yet?

Blue Smith 2018
Wayne High School

At yesterday s 7on7 competition hosted by the University of Dayton football staff, I had a chance to talk with Wayne s WR Blue Smith. Wayne High School was one of the eight teams to play in the morning session. But my toughest request Tell me about the Opening. A chance for me to learn. No questions about his recruiting process. 2nd question How much weight have you lost?

Blue has been a favorite of mine since his freshman year. A quarterback at the time, and a really good young QB at the time. Began concentrating on the wide receiver position his sophomore year and has done well making the change. Continue Reading

July 14, 2017 Blog 7

These next few days are huge for me and exciting, as well. Going to some 7on7 competition tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday. Then a break and will be attending some more at the end of next week and the week after.

I know 7on7 is not real football. All passing. Played in shorts and tee shirts. Two hand tap. Linebackers are always dropping and developing bad habits. No real pressure on the QB s. And the list goes on and on.

Players are working on individual skills. Receivers are running routes working on separation getting reps at catching the football. QB s are working on their feet working on their reads getting a better understanding of the offense. DB s are working on their hips working on closing speed working on coverage skills working on secondary awareness. LB s are working on drops working on change of direction working on recognition.

Players are getting a chance to compete against a different colored shirt a chance to see and work against different talent levels a chance to get in another day of team conditioning. Continue Reading

July 11, 2017 Blog 11

I am still trying to write a blog about a situation that I encountered a couple of weeks ago. Still struggling to get it done. Somebody is simply not getting it done.

Last football season I was watching a football scrimmage and each team had one player who was getting some love from the media and some college coaches. Thought both of the players that I was asked to watch were okay. Solid D2 prospects, but not D1.

Actually, the player that I really liked had little pre-season hype. I really liked his potential. Played WR and corner. Guessin 6 0-165. Needed to get much bigger and stronger. But this junior, was and is a state ranked sprinter. More 200m than 100m. Thought that he good feet and some athleticism. But needed coached up.

Obviously, a raw talent, but with some talent. Sometimes I just get a feel for a player. And sometimes I hit and sometimes I miss. I just liked his football talent, but more a D2 level talent for sure. Continue Reading

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