Apr 9 2017

COBRA Insurance – Quotes and Information #insurance #news

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Don’t pay too much

There are alternatives to COBRA coverage!

While COBRA is a sound option, often a short-term or private policy can provide a better rate with comparable coverage. Before enrolling in COBRA, you can compare rates from major providers to make sure you are getting the best deal.

COBRA is offered to workers who become unemployed through voluntary or involuntary termination of their job, but it is not offered to every terminated employee. Before you do anything, determine your COBRA eligibility by talking to your former employer. Spouses and dependent children are eligible for COBRA coverage through their unemployed family member as long as they were covered before termination occurred.

It’s important to note that while COBRA insurance can initially appear to be cheaper than private health insurance, the terminated employee will end up paying more for their coverage than they did when they were fully employed once they have left their position. This is because most employers pay a part of the insurance costs on behalf of the employee, but this stops once the employee is no longer with the company. Because of this cost increase, it can beneficial to compare rates from multiple insurance companies to find the best combination of rate and coverage for you and your family.

COBRA insurance packages usually include expenses for doctor care, hospitalization and outpatient treatment. What is usually not covered is prolonged hospital care, surgery and prescription medication. Dental care is sometimes offered, but not always. Life insurance is not offered even if that was a part of the former employee package. With a private health insurance policy, the former employee can often pick and chose coverage that is most important, which can drive costs down during this time of transition. Compare rates from major providers today to see if you can save over your COBRA insurance rate.

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