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City pass chicago #Go #Chicago #Card #VS

City pass chicago #Go #Chicago #Card #VS, REMMONT.COM

Answer 1 of 12: My boyfriend and I will be in Chicago next week (20th and 21st). He's never been in downtown, so I'd like to hit up some of the main tourist attractions – and maybe some of the off the beaten path stuff. Is it a good deal to get the Go…

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My boyfriend and I will be in Chicago next week (20th and 21st). He’s never been in downtown, so I’d like to hit up some of the main tourist attractions – and maybe some of the off the beaten path stuff.

Is it a good deal to get the Go Chicago Card or Chicago City Pass?

Also, any suggestions of “must see” stuff next week?

Hello in Wisconsin. Spend an hour or so in the bar at the top of the Hancock Building. A must I will say. Best view in town from the ladies restroom (I’v been told). Nice trip!

Do a search and you will find that this topic has been covered in the past. Research what each offers and discuss what you will definitely want to see. Look at the admission prices for each attraction you’d want to see that the pass covers. If you want to see enough of the things offered that you would actually get a discount by using the card vs. actually paying for each, then it’s worthwhile.

Thanks for the help!

With all due respect, as suggested in this thread, I did a thoroughful search and read all comments regarding both the GoChicago card and the City Pass and found no helpful information at all. All destination experts say “do the math and check if it is worth. ” which is an obvious, almost silly, answer. What we, tourists, expect is that you, experts, who know which are the must-sees in your city, add up the cost of visiting them and tell us YES, the card is worth its cost or NO, you have to visit uninteresting secondary points to break it even. I did the math and I will buy the GoChicago card right away hoping not to make a mistake. After I return from Chicago I´ll post my experience so others benefit from a concrete and not ambiguous answer.

frisbeeace, the experts asking you to “do the math” is not silly at all. Only you know what is important to you, and what may or may not be worth seeing. One expert may think that the Field Museum is the best place on earth, while you hate dinosaurs and wouldn’t be interested in that at all. So the best thing to do is figure up the cost of the places that you want to see and add up how much admission is with and without the Go Chicago Card or the City Pass. Personally, I think buying these cards makes you run around like a crazy person, trying to get your money’s worth in a short amount of time!

The “destination experts” are volunteering their time to help travelers. The problem is that no one knows what someone else is going to consider a “must see”. Some people may want to visit a museum, others might just want to go to Navy Pier or Michigan Ave, while still others might want to explore a specific neighborhood or go to a specific restaurant. Without more details as to what people like, there is no way of knowing how to guide them. Chicago is a big city and there is something here for almost everyone.

People who are more specific can usually get better information than people who just come and ask, “What are the ‘must sees’ in Chicago?” Also, only you know if these cards will ultimately be worthwhile. People who are unable to see all the attractions because of time limitations will have to do their homework to see if it can save them money on the attractions they want to visit. If you have the time and energy to visit all the attractions, I guarantee that you will save money. While I look forward to hearing what you have to say about your visit, your experience will likely be different from someone else.

As Chicago has so much to offer it looks like the card should work for any first timer regardless of his preferences. Either if he prefers museums over the Aquarium, a very basic set of sights, including a city tour, a sightseeing cruise, a visit to either the Sears Tower or the Hankcock Observatory, will rapidly add up more than the cost of the card. It’s not rocket science and local experts should explain this better than me. Researching for my previous travels to other places I´ve found consensus on whether a city card is worthwhile or not, from NYC to Berlin or Prague. Unfortunately, it doesn´t happen at the Chicago forum where the only recommendation that comes from the experts is “do the math”. You can do better.

We just got back from Chicago last Saturday. There were 7 in the group. 3 were kids. We did NOT buy either one of the cards. I did sit down with pen and paper and looked at individual websites for costs for each of the museums and other attractions on our must do list. I mention some coupons below which can be found on the Chicago office of tourism website.

With Science and Industry museum. found 2 for 1 tickets for just the basic general admission price which is $13.00 then paid the extra 5 per person for the submarine tour which was cool. Did not feel the need for any other extra exhibit tickets b/c I knew it was going to be hard enough seeing everything else at this place. Bonus info. kids 12 and under are free just for summer schedule. although must still buy the 5.00 sub ticket.

At Field museum. just bought the very basic general admission ticket which is $ 14.00. again did not buy extra exhibit tickets b/c way more than enough to see without the “extras”.

At Shedd. this is the expensive one even for the basic ticket. $24.95. it is a nice aquarium. but would choose the other 2 first over this one if you cannot do all three.

Wendella boat/lake tour. also found 2 for 1 coupons on the website listed above. I think if I remember correctly the price is 23.00

Hancock tower. go to the lounge floor for a free view that might cost you the price of a drink. we went in early afternoon and never was even approached by an employee to purchase one so we got our pictures and left and cost was zero.

So, with coupons for the adults to use plus only buying the very basic general admission tickets we would have spent more buying those cards since they are based on the more expensive tickets for the museums.

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