Jul 31 2017

Cheapest Car Insurance in Pennsylvania (PA) #loan

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Cheapest Car Insurance in Pennsylvania (PA)

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, The State of Independence , is America s second state and home to Philadelphia, the birthplace of the U.S. With memories of the Founding Fathers around every corner, this state s history is almost tangible. From the Alleghenies covered bridges to the whitewater rapids of the Poconos to the Dutch country farm houses, Pennsylvania holds picture-perfect scenes at every step. While the state s byways give drivers a much needed break from busy New England life, the vibrant Pittsburgh art scene brings them back time and again. is allowing Pennsylvanians more time to get out and about by finding all the important car insurance information for the state and organizing it in this easy-to-read article.

Average Car Insurance Premiums

Pennsylvania s premiums closely resemble the nation s, and in 2008, the state s average premiums were 29 points above the nation s. reports that the state s premiums as a percentage of income nearly matched the nation s that same year.

Drunk Driving Fatalities

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration s recent study, Pennsylvania s drunk driving fatalities were above the national average in 2010 and 2011. As the nation s percentage grew, the state leveled off to match the national average at 31 percent.

Vehicular Theft in Pennsylvania

A solid decrease in Pennsylvania s vehicle thefts in 2012 brought its rate to 117. The FBI reported the national average that same year at 229, over 110 points higher than Pennsylvania s.

New Driver Licensing Requirements


Texting Driving Laws

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