Jan 25 2017

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#cheap insurance for young drivers

Getting Off Parents’ Policies – Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Whether your child is 16 or 26, you may be wondering if and when you should remove them from your auto insurance coverage. New drivers, such as teens and college students often stay on their parents’ auto insurance plans, but at some point, young drivers should consider switching to their own policy. There’s no perfect time to transition a child off your family’s plan, but here are a few scenarios when – and reasons why – young drivers may want to buy a car insurance policy for the first time.

When is a good time to remove your child from your car insurance policy?

    Your child no longer shares a permanent home address with you. This doesn’t usually include college addresses; their college address may be considered a temporary address. Your child is married and/or has children. If your child is starting a family of their own, it may be beneficial for them to purchase a policy with their spouse. If both own cars, they may qualify for a multiple car discount. Your child can support themselves financially. If they can afford to pay for other important expenses, they can lessen the financial burden on your family by paying for their own car insurance.

Why should you consider removing your young driver from your plan?

If you decide to take your child off your car insurance policy, help them research affordable auto insurance online that best suits their needs.

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