Jul 31 2017

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Ohio Car Insurance

Car insurance in Ohio is the law and it can be affordable, even for drivers with an imperfect record. Titan Insurance offers cheap car insurance in Ohio so drivers can comply with the law without going broke in the process. We even have discounts on Ohio car insurance that can lower premiums, while still providing the protection that drivers need.

Insuring drivers in Ohio

Like other states, drivers in Ohio are required to carry proof of financial responsibility in their car. This proves that drivers are able to pay for any damages sustained in auto accidents that they cause. In most states, this means the car must be covered by auto liability insurance. Ohio is a state that also allows a driver to be covered instead of a vehicle.

In addition to Liability, Titan offers many different auto insurance coverages to ensure drivers are protected. Products such as Comprehensive, Collision and Medical Payments coverage all add an additional level of protection for drivers. We even offer Non-Owner coverage, which protects a driver who is not driving his or her own car.

Another auto insurance option in Ohio is Uninsured Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) coverage. Such coverage protects drivers and their passengers who have been injured by a motorist who either does not have liability insurance or does not have sufficient coverage to pay the claims for injuries.

The Financial Responsibility Bond as an alternative to liability insurance

Ohio auto insurance can be expensive, which is why drivers are turning to the Financial Responsibility bond. This financial responsibility option often represents the cheapest insurance in Ohio.

One important difference between auto liability insurance and an FR Bond is that the bond only provides coverage for the person named on the bond. FR Bonds do not insure vehicles, which means if a driver other than the one named on the bond causes an accident, that driver is not protected. Bonds also do not pay for first party vehicle damages or medical costs for drivers or passengers.

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