Aug 4 2017

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Cheap Car Insurance Rates

Car Insurance Rates for All Life Events

Car insurance policies are supposed to be flexible and cater to your needs and life stages. So, don’t let yourself fall into the trap of keeping your insurance policy the way it is, just because it’s been that way forever. Recently married, switched jobs or bought a house? When your life changes, your insurance should, too.

Age and Car Insurance Rates

Your needs are going to change as you age, and your policy should reflect this.

As an inexperienced driver while you’re a teen, statistics show that you are more likely to be in an accident than most other age groups. This means higher insurance premiums for you. However, by getting good grades, most insurance companies will offer discounts.

Seniors would also be eligible for various discounts as well. Mobility is important to this age group, and they should have it with lower rates. There are driving safety classes that can keep you apprised of helpful driving techniques and how to avert accidents with reckless drivers. Discounts can be given for this as well as for having a safe driving record.

Sometimes it makes sense to have an older model car, due to the reduced costs. Other times luxury cars are involved, and a higher level of insurance is required to protect your investment. Make sure you have the coverage that reflects your driving needs.

Insuring Couples

If you recently got married, don’t tarry. You could be eligible for discounts on your car insurance policy. Statistics show that people who settle down are usually more responsible behind the wheel. Some insurance companies grant discounts simply by being married.

If you’re joined together through a domestic partnership, you could be eligible for discounts as well as married couples. For example, listing more than one car on your policy will net you a discount as long as you have the same garaging address.

When you purchase other forms of insurance together, you could be eligible for multiple-insurance discounts. If you get your homeowners or condo insurance with the same insurance company as your car, you will usually get a discount.

Insurance in Times of Transition

If you’re moving, your auto insurance company needs to know about the change in address. If you don’t notify them, there could be a lapse in coverage. Sometimes your rates will change for better or worse depending on where you’re moving to. You may want to change your coverage accordingly to fit your budget. Compare lowest auto insurance rates by state now!

Being a student, sometimes you go away for college in another state. It’s a good idea to check in with your insurance company to make certain that your coverage meets the minimum requirements of the state you’ll be moving to. If you’re a recent college graduate, make sure you get an amount of coverage that fits into your budget.

Unfortunately, sometimes long-term relationships end. If you find yourself filing for divorce, car insurance is far from your mind. However, you will also have to figure out what to do with your joint insurance policy. You might need to get your own policy, if the divorce was less than friendly. If you have kids who drive, you’ll need to decide on who will pay for their car insurance. Will you split the costs, or will one parent pay for the expenses? It is necessary to ask these questions.

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