Nov 7 2016

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Car Insurance

Customizing your car insurance as per your needs for superior protection got a lot easier with Bharti AXA GI. We provide you with customized recommendations for motor add-ons specifically suited to your needs based on details pertaining to your vehicle age, make and model among several factors. We understand that each customer is unique with a precise set of needs.

We therefore enable you to choose the right add-ons by not just recommending them but also explaining in a transparent and simple manner how each recommended add-on can benefit you. Our goal is to ensure that you select and combine the right add-ons with Bharti AXA’s comprehensive car insurance so that you have full protection at the time of a claim. Whether it’s coverage for fender benders, keeping your ‘No claims bonus’ intact, protection for your engine from water ingress or maybe just tow-away assistance, we have it all. With the help of our customized recommendations you can choose from a host of add-ons designed to protect you in practically all kind of situations you may encounter.

Over and above the advantages of our comprehensive motor insurance offering all customers enjoy the benefits of our large cashless network of over 2300 garages pan India irrespective of the plan opted for. In addition we also offer 24×7 claims assistance, an easy claim settlement process and a No Claims Bonus (NCB) up to 50% on car insurance renewal from Bharti AXA GI or any other insurance provider.

After a quick description of our Basic insurance cover given is a list of some commonly used motor insurance add-ons most of our customers benefit from.

Basic Insurance Cover

  • Cover includes comprehensive car insurance
    • by fire explosion self-ignition or lightning ;
    • by burglary housebreaking or theft ;
    • by riot and strike;
    • by earthquake (fire and shock damage);
    • by flood typhoon hurricane storm tempest inundation cyclone hailstorm frost;
    • by accidental external means;
    • by malicious act;
    • by terrorist activity;
    • whilst in transit by road rail inland-waterway lift elevator or air;
    • by landslide rockslide.
  • Third Party Liability (if some third party files a claim against you for injury or damage to their car or property)
  • Personal Accident cover for the driver offering a compensation of up to Rs. 2 lakhs in the event of death/permanent total disablement arising from car accident

Depreciation cover

Hydrostatic Lock Cover

Driving or even parking your vehicle in a water-logged area can expose it to the risk of water entering its engine. In such a situation in case you even turn on the ignition key you can cause massive engine damage. Further, your insurance company is likely to consider this damage as a consequential loss and will not cover it. Hydrostatic lock cover covers damage to the engine on account of water entering it and is particularly useful in areas of high rainfall and frequent flooding.

No Claims Bonus Protector

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