Aug 20 2017

Best Rehabilitation Centers in Dallas, Texas with Reviews #rehab #centers #in #dallas #tx


Dallas, TX Rehabilitation Centers

Absolutely best methadone clinic I’ve ever been to. It’s a 30 minute drive from my home and it’s not in the best part of town, but it’s well worth it. I tried a clinic in McKinney and Plano which were much closer to me but they were so unwelcoming, had a 3 week waiting list, was very judgemental and just made u feel bad for being an addict, as well as made u wait for at least 30 minutes in a waiting room with other addicts who arent very serious about getting help. At LSC, u are greeted with open arms, they’re so kind and helpful and they uunderstand addiction is a disease and treat u as such, instead of as a criminal. Everyone is always very nice and open and willing to talk if u ever need. If ever there’s a line, which is very rare, the wait is always very short, 5-10 min TOPS. They’re so understanding that u have jobs and responsibilities and have to take time out of every day to drive out there to dose so they always help to get u in and out the door as quick as possible to get uon ur way. My counselor Jim is great, the nurse is great, the doctor is great, the owner, Keisha, is so wonderful. She’s always there and is so involved in all of her patient’s progress and treatment. The first day I walked in I was in so much pain, physically and emotionally, and ready to do anything to stop feeling the way I was, I opened the door and immediately started sobbing uncontrollably and she hugged me, grabbed me some tissues, and assured me I was in the right place, and she and everyone there was gonna do everything in their power to help and support me in my recovery. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful program, so worth the drive. So happy I found them. Privately owned clinics are so much better than corporate/govt. funded clinics that treat u like a number. They truly make a difference in helping u to recover.

I suggest you get accurate information before putting things like this online. I know the DON and she was not fired from all of those facilities. Furthermore, it says a lot of a person’s character and how they value as well as treat their employees when the employees are willing to follow them to their next position. It is obvious that you are one of those disgruntled employees that was fired. As I stated, I have known the DON personally for more than 40 yrs and if she fires anyone then they weren’t doing their job. PERIOD

My husband and I recently started with LSC and we were so embarrassed and nervous to go the first day. But to our surprise everyone there welcomed us with open arms. They treat you like family. We had several options to choose from closer to area but decided to drive an extra 20 minutes every morning due to how these people treated us. They have truly made a bad situation comfortable!

I was injured at work and I was referred to Dr. Rogers at Central Rehab. I was amazed on how friendly and helpful the staff was with assisting with all my paperwork. Dr Rogers was very knowledgeable in explaining the pain that i was experiencing regarding my injury. I would recommend this facility for work injuries personal injuries.

Great atmosphere and the employees Dr. Are wonderful I highly recommend this facility because of its environment the staff is hilarious and they make you feel right at home. Mr Denson.

Great improvements in care over last few months! I am happy that they have made excellent changes in staff. Much more emphasis on patient satisfaction.

This will be a treatment like no other. It will truly be patient-centered.

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