Nov 6 2016

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Best Homeowners Insurance

T he best homeowners insurance has the right scope and level of coverage for your specific needs, and is backed by a financially sound insurer which has earned a reputation for fairness in meeting valid claims. That s the formula for the best policy in the market today.

But it s not all about the insurer. It s about you too, and in particular the value of your assets and the potential liabilities which you might be exposed to. Yes, it s about the right company, but it s also about the right coverage.

Standard homeowners policies usually provide coverage in four principal areas, namely property damage, personal liability, medical payments and additional living expenses. However, the first two of these are by far the most important, for the reason that a lack of coverage in these areas can have a potentially serious effect on your financial well-being. In particular, an inadequate amount of personal liability insurance is in itself a risk to your property assets, because those assets can be targeted in any lawsuit taken against you.

We are independent of any insurer in the market, so we are not attempting to sell you a policy. Our aim is to educate consumers about types of coverage, exclusions, premium rates, deductibles and other important aspects of homeowners policies, so they have the knowledge they need to arrange appropriate protection for their circumstances.

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies

The best homeowners insurance companies offer affordable policies and have a history of excellent customer service and fair claims settlement. Furthermore, they have the financial resources necessary to continue operating over the long term and pay claims when they arise. There are numerous insurers competing in the market today, but finding the best companies is not always easy.


Based on direct premiums written, the ten largest underwriters of homeowners insurance are shown in the table below 1 :

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