Nov 24 2017

Best Companies in California for Car Insurance #atlas #insurance

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Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in California

This is a common question asked by consumers but how exactly do you define a top 10 list do you mean the top 10 California car insurance companies by market share? Or the top 10 California auto insurance companies by consumer complaints?

Read the following article to learn more about what determines the top auto insurance in CA.

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What Makes the Top 10 List?

There are hundreds of ways to define a top 10 list and even as many sources to analyze data from. The top California auto insurance companies are determined by several factors.

The California car insurance market is extremely competitive and many car insurance company names pop up depending on variables used to calculate a top 10 list.

So who has the best car insurance in California?

With reference to the question above we will list the top 10 California car insurance companies by market share below although you need to understand that every car insurance company is unique and only 2 things should matter the most to you when searching for a new auto insurance policy:

  • The trust you have in an insurance companies ability to pay future claims in an efficient manner
  • And the offer for affordable policy coverage which meets your financial needs

Who are the top 10 California Car Insurance Companies by Market Share?

According to the California Department of Insurance the top 10 personal auto insurance companies offering policy coverage in California are:

Who is the best?

Whether or not a company is listed on any top 10 list the question of who is the best car insurance California company for any given market is even harder to define as the word s best and can mean different things to different people.

Do you mean who has the cheapest California car insurance? Or do you mean who has the best customer service? The best auto insurance companies in California can mean any of the above.

Choosing a car insurance company needs to be based on your own personal needs and any top 10 list or company ratings should be used just as a single factor in your final choice for a provider.

Does California offer Low Income Car Insurance Assistance?

Yes, California has an auto insurance program designed to help low income drivers obtain car insurance coverage below the minimum required. The program is called the California Low Cost Auto Insurance Program (CLCA).

How do I get a California Car Insurance Quote?

Hopefully the list above helps identify potential auto insurance companies for your new policy however this is only a partial list and California is home to the largest auto insurance market with over 100 providers in the state.

Your best option to find the most affordable car insurance coverage in California is to always start an auto insurance quote comparison search online.

Just enter your ZIP code  below to get FREE auto insurance quotes today.

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