Nov 6 2016

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Are Online Car Insurance Rates Really Cheap?

How are Online Car Insurance Rates Any Cheaper?

Got a nice car to insure?

Sure, you can barely surf the Internet these days without being bombarded with offers for free insurance quotes and a cheaper car insurance rate. But don t all the companies have to charge everybody the same amount of an auto policy. Yes they do! Of course, any individual s rate will depends upon a number of factors.

Some factors that might impact your premium:

  • Age. Younger drivers and senior drivers may get charged more.
  • Driving history. Accidents, tickets, a DUI, or SR-22 could jack up your rates.
  • Home ZIP code. Typically, cities are more expensive than small towns and rural areas.
  • Driving habits. Low-mileage drivers may enjoy great discounts.
  • Type of vehicle. Flashy sports cars cost more to cover than sedate sedans.
  • Credit history. Insurers use credit history as a risk factor now.

But still, a policy from the same company should not cost any one vehicle owner any more if he or she buys it over the Internet calls a local insurance agent, or contacts an insurer directly. All of those three method get you to people who are using the same software to calculate rates for you and other drivers in your family.

But Online Car Insurance Quotes Have Made Rates Cheaper

No, your rates won t change no matter how you quote or buy a policy. But access to auto policy rate information over the Internet has forced insurers to be a lot more transparent with their pricing. Have you heard of those Name Your Own Price systems from major companies? Those are the end result of what has become a very good thing for consumers. Of course, you cannot really name your own price beneath the minimum required coverage, but you can choose deductibles, coverage levels, and option coverage that will change the price.

Online quotes help consumers save money in these two ways:

  • They force insurers to be more transparent about what their customers are paying for.
  • They quickly allow consumers to compare rates from a variety of insurers.

We Can Save You Money on Your Next Auto Policy With These Tips

Speaking of different types of insurance, knowing what you really need can help you save money on your next auto policy.  These are the basic types of coverage:

  • Liability: You almost always need to buy auto liability in order to be a legal driver. Every state has financial responsibility laws, and buying a policy with the minimum required amount of personal injury and property liability is the way almost everybody does it.
  • Collision: This insurance covers your vehicle in case you cause an accident or there is no other party s auto insurance to cover the claim. You are not legally required to purchase this because of state financial responsibility laws, but your lender probably requires it if you still owe money.
  • Comprehensiv e: This covers damage to your own vehicle if something besides an accident caused it. Examples include theft, hail, and floods.
  • Roadside assistance: This is not really insurance, but it is more like an auto club.

There are also other types of auto insurance that you might include on your policy. These include GAP, Personal Injury Protection, called PIP, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. You can learn more about these different types of car insurance here.

Shop for the Best Auto Policy Prices Online Because Its Easier

Remember, it is easy to compare multiple insurance quotes with an online form. In return for about five minutes of your time, you will get to browse price offers from a handful of different companies that conduct business in your local area. Besides just showing you prices, you also get contact information. That way, you can call or email for more information.

Should You Just Shop for Car Policies by Price?

Most people want to get the cheapest car insurance rates, but they are also interested in getting great service after they buy a policy. In fact, consumers in studies have rated the following things when they reported their satisfaction with their company:

  • Claims handline
  • Billing
  • Customer Service
  • Prices

You can find a lot of information by checking consumers reviews and learning what other customers liked or disliked about their company. You might also ask your friends, coworkers, or family members which insurer they recommend. But remember that the best car insurance company for you may not be the one that your cousin or neighbor uses.

This is because some companies are simply friendlier to different types of drivers. The one that offers a 40-year-old woman a good rate might not be the one that gives a break to senior or teenage drivers. In any case, experts suggest shopping around for new insurers every twelve months or so to make sure that your company is still competitive.

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