Sep 24 2016

BC Auto Insurance Brokers, Agents and Companies

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BC Auto Insurance Brokers – Who to Buy From

Insurance in BC is slightly different from the rest of the country in that the province has mandatory government run liability insurance. Therefore you cannot purchase your basic insurance from BC auto insurance brokers and instead must purchase your minimum amount of liability coverage from the government run company the ICBC.

While this minimum amount of insurance must be purchased from the government, if you wish to increase your minimum liability coverage. or add comprehensive and collision coverage to your policy you can do this through a private company other then the ICBC (of course you can also increase your coverage’s through the ICBC as well). The best way to find the cheapest insurance for this would be to get an online insurance quote in BC .

Below you will find a list of popular insurance brokers, agents and companies in BC. If you are unsure of the difference between an insurance broker and agent, please check out our information page. For a list focused on the BC auto insurance brokers in the Vancouver or Victoria area visit Vancouver Auto Insurance or Victoria Auto Insurance .

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