BBB Rent a Car Insurance Info – BBB Rent a Car #cheep #car #insurance

#local car insurance #Insurance Info Rent from BBB and save..

BBB Rent a Car Insurance Info – BBB Rent a Car #cheep #car #insurance

#local car insurance

Insurance Info

Rent from BBB and save at least 50% on Insurance and Waivers*

Good News – Bad News Mexican car rental rates look wonderfully cheap  on websites, but they don t include insurance, which can easily double, and in some cases triple, the cost of renting a car. Declining to buy the insurance some of which is mandatory, is foolhardy to the extreme, but buying the full package without knowing what you re buying is a mistake also.Penetrating the insurance thicket:  Mexican car rental companies offer various types of insurance, and only one is mandatory. Here are the basics.

Basic Personal Liability: Called third-party liability insurance, this is the one mandatory insurance in Mexico as it is in the majority of the USA. It covers claims for injury and or damage you cause to another person, car or other property in an accident. Mexico does not accept liability coverage from U.S. auto policies or credit card insurance. You simply cannot rent a car without Mexican liability insurance. By law a small amount of liability insurance is included in the rental price; however the mandated liability coverage amounts to less than $4,000.00 US Dollars. Nobody in their right mind wants to take a chance that this much coverage is adequate in Mexico.  If you are underinsured your most memorable vacation sight could include the inside of a Mexican jail until you pay off your obligation.

#1 Supplemental Additional Liability Insurance (SAI or SLI): Additional liability insurance is the answer to the third party liability coverage problem and is available from all rental agencies, price and coverage amount varies. BBB’s (SAI/SLI):  Insurance policy coverage coverage is $4,500,000.00 pesos total for property damage, injuries and death, $400,000.00 pesos for occupants medical, plus $4,500,000.00 pesos for legal assistance. * Our Policy Coverage appears to exceed all competitors stated coverage and there is Insurance Policy information in every one of our rentals.

#2 Loss Damage Waiver (LDW): Also called collision damage waiver (CDW). This is actually not insurance, but the rental agency’s agreement to waive some of the cost of theft or any damage you inflict on the rental vehicle. Keep the following in mind: You are responsible to the rental company for any loss or damage to the vehicle no matter what the cause is or who is at fault. In addition collision damage waivers usually carry a deductible equal to 10 to 20 percent of the vehicle’s value, so depending on what you rent this could be a significant amount of money. There is also a loss of use clause that allows rental agencies to add an amount of their estimate of their loss of business because the rental is not available to rent while it is being repaired. You will be detained until money matters are settled. Before you decline verify that your auto policy or credit card covers you for a car rental in Mexico, and that it includes this loss of use charge. This one requires some research and some careful thought. If your own auto policy or credit card insurance benefits cover collision damage to a Mexican Rental Vehicle, you can pass on the collision damage waiver.  Most other Rental Franchises will fight you on this and insist on you buying their coverage. If you insist on not buying it they will then insist on you executing a separate credit card voucher for their deductible amount that they will hold and execute if their is any damage to their vehicle. This voucher can  can sometimes be up to $5,000.00 or more and does freeze that amount of money on that cards account. Do yourself a favor and read the exclusions carefully in fact read them twice.  There are times the small print will deny coverage when you least expect it: As an example clauses excluding damage to cars driven off-road have been used to deny a claim for a car damaged in a dirt parking lot.  If you want to decline  bring proof of coverage with you.

BBB’s (LDW): Waives all charges for any damage to our rental car after our deductible.

#3 Zero Deductible Waiver (ZDW): This waiver eliminates you having to pay any deductible in the event of damage to the rental vehicle. If as an example if the rental agencies deductible is $3,000.00 (ours is $1,000.00) then you will have to pay it to the Rental agency to settle your account before leaving the country. You then can file a claim with your insurance company to be reimbursed for the difference between what you had to pay and your stated deductible on your policy or credit card coverage.

BBB’s (ZDW):  Is sold by us and it completely eliminates any deductible liability. period.

To Consider:  Purchasing complete rental car coverage in Mexico eliminates any unexpected transportation expenditures on your trip and as a bonus there is no chance of your driving or accident record at home being negatively affected for anything that happens while you are in Mexico. Most Credit Card rental insurance is Secondary Coverage. if you have any other policy that covers a Mexico rental that insurance will have to pay any and all claims before the Card Company. so that will expose you to higher premiums in the future.

A Google search for an explanation of policy benefits and exclusions for Visa, Master Card, and American Express credit card holders turns up many links.  Here is one of the best.

Also you search Visa Card Benefits, Master Card Benefits or American Express Benefits  and research your cards rental coverage benefits benefits.

Trip Advisor also has a great article about Mexican rental Car Insurance.

*50% Savings when compared to Local Rent a car Franchise’s web site s posted insurance and waiver rates

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