Jan 15 2018

Auto Loan Philippines, Fast Car Pawning Service, OR, auto loan.#Auto #loan

Fastest Car Pawning Service

Here at Auto Loan Philippines, we offer car loans (pawning or sangla) without taking your car, also known as the OR/CR loan. Need cash but don’t want to lose your car? We take OR/CR as collateral. Our processing time usually takes 24 to 48 hours, depending on your location. Choose from our list of services below so we can help you appraise your car in exchange for fast cash.

Auto loan

Without Taking Your Car

Auto loan

Truck Financing

Auto loan

Car OR CR Loan

Auto loan

Car Refinancing

Auto loan

Taxi for Cash Loan

Auto loan

Jeepney PUJ Loan

Auto loan

Tricycle Loan

Auto loan

Car Impounding Loan

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Who Can Apply for a Car Loan?

If you think that like private lending companies and banks, only those who have good credit standing can apply for our car loan, you are wrong!

Here at Auto Loan Philippines, we value all types of clients so we have grown our list of clientele and potential borrowers from the standards of banks and other lenders. We can provide cash loan even to those beyond the comfort zone of borrowers and traditional lending.

We even cater to assist those who have BP-22, replevin, sum of money, unpaid credit cards and other court cases. (see our list below):

Bad Credit Status Borrowers

Lawyers and Legal Parties

Military Police Personnels

Creditors with Cmap

Journalist / Media Personnels

Why Choose Auto Loan Philippines?

Auto Loan Philippines has been known to provide quick, fast cash loans with only the OR/CR of the vehicle as the collateral.

Our services are 100% free — we earn by accreditation affiliation commission. No agent fee, no broker fee. No hidden charges, no surprise additional fees.

We also assist borrowers with bad credit ratings or have court cases appearing in credit mapping. Fill up this form for more information.

Aside from transparency, we also guarantee to give you the lowest interest rates possible for your loan. Because we have multiple lending providers, we can provide a wide range of options as long as you qualify for those choices. We see to it that we pair you with the best lending company for your situation and your needs.

Auto Loan Philippines will help you get the right provider, along with sure approval, low interest charges and fees, and the nearest branch to speed up the process.

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