May 31 2017

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Auto Insurance Quotes

Getting auto insurance quotes is not simply about finding the cheapest rate – it s about getting the right coverage from a reliable insurance company at the best possible price. So before you obtain quotes from insurance companies, you need to firstly have a think about your individual circumstances and assess the type and amount of coverage you need. List out all the risks you would prefer to cover, and rate them according to whether they are essential, important or just nice to have. Think carefully about each in relation to your financial situation and try to establish an amount of coverage for each which would provide you with a sufficient level of protection.

Then, using the list of coverage types and amounts you have prepared, obtain a number of quotes from various auto insurance companies which are licensed in your state, starting with your zip code above. Rank the quotes you receive in ascending order of premium cost, and before you do anything else, check the financial strength ratings of the top four or five insurers on your list. Rule out any insurer which does not have a satisfactory rating, even if they happen to be the cheapest. Finally, go to your state insurance office website, and check out the history of complaints which have been made in respect of each company. Based on the results of the financial strength and complaints review, select an insurer and go ahead with your application.

  • Think about your individual circumstances;
  • Identify the risks you would prefer to cover;
  • Rate the risks according to level of importance;
  • Assess the right amount of coverage for each type;
  • Obtain various quotes starting with your zip code above;
  • Rank the quotes in ascending order of quoted premium cost;
  • Check out the financial strength ratings of the top listed insurers;
  • Check the complaints register at your state insurance office; and
  • Select an insurance company and go ahead with your application.

Quote Variations

You will find that auto insurance rates can vary significantly from one company to the next. In fact, you might be shocked by just how much the quotes can vary, and therefore we can t stress enough how important it is to shop around. Auto insurance is somewhat unique in that, unlike most other things you buy, the price is highly variable because it is based on your individual characteristics and circumstances. There is a multitude of factors which go into the calculation of rates, and each company weights the factors differently. What this really means is the only way you can perform a reliable comparison between providers is to obtain personalized quotes.

Fortunately, personalized quotes are easy to obtain online, with almost all companies following the model of allowing consumers to complete an online form to get a customized quote. The quality and user-friendliness of these forms varies widely, with some being relatively easy to use, while others are unnecessarily long and tedious to complete. Obtaining individual quotes from different providers can be a time consuming process, but you don t need to do that.

As a free service to consumers, we enable you to compare quotes from multiple companies by completing just one easy form. And the great thing about quotes is just that – they are quotes – therefore you are under no obligation to accept any of them, giving you the freedom to choose, or just keep shopping for a better rate and a better deal.

General Guidelines for Quote Shopping

Compare Apples with Apples

In order to perform a fair comparison between insurers, be sure to use the same inputs when requesting quotes. For example, be sure to choose the same deductible, the same car and the same zip code. Requesting a quote from one insurer with a $500 deductible is simply not comparable to a quote from another with a deductible of $1,000. You can always adjust the deductible later on if you decide you want more or less, but for your initial comparison it is strongly recommended that you request quotes using the same amount.

Balance Coverage with Affordability

Choosing the insurance company is often the easy part. The more difficult decision is determining how much coverage you need. The answer depends on your personal situation and what you re able to afford. Greater coverage is better from a financial security viewpoint, but that needs to be balanced with your financial situation. Determining what you can afford is not simply a matter of being able to pay the premium – it also requires consideration of your financial exposure in the event you cause an accident. You need to ensure you have sufficient liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage. If you don t, you may be personally liable to pay for any damages over and above your limits.

Check Company Ratings

After you ve narrowed down your quotes to a few preferred options, be sure to check the financial stability of each insurance company. It s all very well to have an insurance policy, but if the company doesn t have the financial strength to survive and pay your claims it s not really worth much. Research each of your chosen companies and find out what financial strength ratings they have.

Check any Agent You Use

Consumers have the option of using insurance agents when they buy auto insurance. If you choose to use an agent, be sure to check the licensing status and qualifications of the agent. Just like insurance companies, agents are licensed by state insurance offices and they are bound by the terms of the license issued to them. Also, check out the professional organizations to which your agent belongs, as they will each have a code of conduct and disciplinary procedures to which all member agents are bound.

Compare Auto Insurance Quotes Now

To get free, no-obligation auto insurance quotes from leading providers in your state just complete one simple online form, starting with your zip code above. We are not affiliated with any particular insurance company, which means that we can help you find the right policy from the right company at the best possible price. We can even help you with coverage for special vehicles such as customized and classic cars.

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