Dec 14 2016

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#affordable health insurance

Small Business Health Insurance Quotes is a recognized name for those seeking for small business health insurance quotes. As an Independent Broker for hundreds of small group health insurance companies across the country, iHealthBrokers works for you, not the insurance company. specializes in lowering health insurance premiums for small business owners and individuals. Average small business health insurance quotes   from iHealth result in annual savings of more than 30%, so what do you have to lose? iHealthBrokers is A Rated and Accreddited by the Better Business Bureau and is a 2 time Super Service Award Winner from Angie s List.

No matter what your situation, if you pay for group, individual or family health insurance, then you owe it to yourself to give a call. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, owned and operated by Smedley Insurance Group, Inc.; is licensed in over 40 states and the District of Columbia and represents thousands of individuals, families and small business owners around the US. Call today for a complimentary needs assessment and find out how much money you could be saving on health insurance!

Let s face it, health insurance isn t always easy to find. With confusing terms like deductible, coinsurance and maximum annual out of pocket, you shouldn t have to learn the industry overnight. We make it easy for you to access the information, advice and free health insurance quotes that you re looking for in a easy to understand environment. Our brokers will do the leg work to find you a suitable plan that fits your needs and budget by custom building your health plan specifically for you. Call Now, (866) 260-9829.

Small Business Health Insurance Quotes | They aren’t as scary as they seem

The first thing we hear as brokers when we work with business owners to help them find small business health insurance quotes is “I’m worried how much this is going to cost”.  An understandable concern, for sure.  This shouldn’t keep anyone for searching for and buying a policy though.  We will talk about a few reasons why this shouldn’t be the scariest thing you do in your business this year.

First, utilize your broker to find the right plan for you.  Make sure you discuss what you would like to have covered for you and your employees and what you are not interested in.  Discuss what has to be on your policy according to your state’s respective laws.  Finally talk through your deductible options.  The higher the deductible the lower the premium.  Your broker

will be able to offer you many options from several companies so you can be sure you are making an informed choice for your business.

Remember that you don’t necessarily have to pay the entire premium out of the companies pocket.  Some of the premium load can be offset by your employees via paycheck deduction.  You will want to discuss this with your employees so they may make an informed decision and you should talk with your broker about what percentage you would like your employees to pay.

Finally, by using a broker you can be sure that every year you can review your policy and if necessary they will get new small business health insurance quotes  for you.  That way you can be sure your policy is staying competitive with the health insurance industry or move to another company if your premiums are getting too high.  You should plan with your broker how often you would like to review your policy so they can be proactive on your behalf.

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