Aug 11 2017

44 Washington Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers #rehab #center #of #the #pacific


44 Washington Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

As the emerald jewel of the Pacific Northwest, the state of Washington is home to a diverse population and dynamic economy. The port city of Seattle is a gateway to the Pacific Rim, while the state s pristine forests and rugged coastline draw millions of visitors annually. But some Washington residents find themselves struggling to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction.

Rates for illicit drug use in Washington have been higher than national averages in recent years, with marijuana, heroin, stimulants, and prescription painkillers leading the list of commonly abused drugs. The state recently made history by legalizing and regulating the sale of marijuana, which could lead to more people suffering from substance abuse.

Fortunately, Washington is also home to many top residential rehab facilities. Theory and practice come together in an inpatient rehab setting, where you can find quality medical care and effective rehab therapies to help you learn to live a sober and clean life.

Washington s Residential Rehab Centers Are Noted for Advanced Therapy

In a residential drug rehab program, patients can receive the counseling and care they need to defeat substance abuse and dependency. In Seattle, Washington s largest metropolis, the Schick Shadel Hospital offers short-term programs of 30 days or fewer. as well as long-term rehab programs lasting more than 30 days. The experienced professionals at Schick Shadel focus on treating the whole person with medically supervised detox, group and individual therapy, and comprehensive aftercare services to help prevent relapses.

Another leading residential rehab in Washington is Christmas House Sober Living in Spokane. This center has a strict admissions process that allows for a smaller patient-counselor ratio. Therapy here is intensely focused on the individual.

In Lacey, Washington, Providence Saint Peter offers partial hospitalization rehab services and flexible payment plans. Long and short-term inpatient programs are available. If you re struggling with drugs in Washington, you can find help at these and many other residential rehab facilities. Is Your Comprehensive Directory for Inpatient Rehab Treatment in Washington

Addiction is a serious medical condition that can be successfully treated, but you have to take action. Defeating addiction alone is a no-win proposition. can help you find life-saving rehab treatment in Washington. Contact us today to find the best rehab options for you.

Cities with inpatient addiction treatment centers in Washington

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