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Proshade 11′ Parasol Cantilever Umbrella

Updated on 3/6/2017. Proshade 11′ Parasol Cantilever Umbrella is come back to store now with a new Costco Item#1031593. The new price is $489.99, which is $10 cheaper than last year.

Proshade 11′ Parasol Cantilever Umbrella with Sunbrella fabric seems well constructed and looks huge enough to provide a lot of cover. You can also get it online at, but need to pay extra $100 for shipping and handling.

Umbrella rotates 360 degrees on base and the new improved cranking mechanism allows it to be raised or lowered stably and easily. The base features fillable chambers to provide weight and stability by filling with sand or water for best results.

Other features include:

  • 100% solution-dyed acrylic; resistant to stains and fading, cleans very easily, feels soft and comfortable
  • Pole can be moved up or down to angle the umbrella as needed
  • Vented umbrella deters wind gusts from lifting or tipping
  • Aluminum frame and pole are lightweight, and have a long-lasting, powder-coated finish
  • Full umbrella cover is included
  • Frame Material: No-rust, heavy-duty aluminum
  • Open & Close: Crank
  • Vertical Tilt: Crank

Costco Proshade 11′ Parasol Cantilever Umbrella Price : $499.99

Costco Item#: 853331

Inventory and pricing may vary at your warehouse location and are subject to change.


Can you buy just box 1? I already have the base.

Anyone knows where I could buy crank handle in Great Britain? I tried to follow the link provided for spare parts, but unfortunately the Proshade do not send to UK. Any info would be great

I have the proshade 11 feet costco umbrella, for the life of me I can not find the replacement caopy,and the instruction how to install the canopy! any help?

You can purchase parts @ pro

Awesome…Thank you from everyone!

We purhcased this unmbrella from Costco, less than 30 days ago. Yesterday would not close. The umbrella moves down about 12″, then goes back up again. The control cord (visible at the top) appears to have the black outer sheathing frayed back causing the issue. Dissapointed.

I have had two of the 11′ cantilever umbrellas for years and absolutely love them
One was blown over in a storm and one of the struts got bent; can one be purchased?
Also, can covers be bought for these umbrellas?

We have had two of these umbrellas for years and LOVE them! One of them was blown over in a storm and one of the “struts was bent. Can a replacement strut be ordered?
Also, are covers available?

We have lost the crank in a move. Where Dan we purchased replacement crank? Love the umbrella.

Help! Just bought this umbrella used from a neighbor who is moving away. It was set up at her home so I know it works. Disassembled it, brought it home, now can’t get the standing tube into the base. I think it’s because the fixed ring is IN the hole in the base, so tight I can’t remove it. I believe it’s supposed to be inserted in the TOP of the standing tube, right? Any ideas on how I can get that fixed ring out of the hole in the base without breaking it?

I need help. I just purchased the 11 ft cantilever umbrella from Costco. I got it all assembled however the umbrella keeps turning when the wind blows. Is there a way to lock it in position. HELP!!

Where can we get a replacement crank handle for the 11′ Cantilever Umbrella?
Ours got lost and I couldn’t find one to replace it.

Any help on how to replace the cord – ours snapped in the wind.

We somehow lost the crank for this umbrella during our move. Please contact me if you’re willing to sell me the crank to your umbrella. Thanks!

You can purchase a new crank directly from ProShade. 11ft Cantilever Umbrella – Crank – PS1031593O

I seem to have the opposite problem of everyone else. My 11′ pro shade umbrella is stuck in the upright position and does not want to close. When I try to close it the crank is so tight is impossible to move it even one click towards closing. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get it closed.

If anyone has a base and crank they’re looking to sell, I would love to buy it. I have an umbrella in great shape but we’ve lost the base and crank. It’s a bummer that these parts are so hard to track down.

Well, I just stumbled on to this chat and am happy glad to see I am not alone when it comes to issues with my Costco umbrella! I am looking for a replacement cover and replacement gears for the crank. I looks like treasure garden sells the replacement gears but I’m not sure about the cover. I would like to find a local retailer (southern California) if possible. I would just return it to Costco, but I’ve had it over 2 years and wouldn’t feel right about it. Any ideas or suggestions on where to source the gears or cover would be appreciated!

I did not secure my Proshade umbrella during a nasty storm and one of the arms snapped off. Can I order a complete new umbrella portion ?

I need to get a replacement base for our ProShade cantilever patio umbrella (11 ft). I will be trying to call the customer service, but is there another source for this?

We have this umbrella and our cord snapped. Any way to fix this? Such a waste if we can’t. Any help is much appreciated!
Thanks, Nan

Are you in Winnipeg?

No, not in Winnipeg. No longer in need of fixing anyway. Thanks!

I need to get a crank handle for my Pro Shade 11′ Parasol Cantilever umbrella # 85331. Mine disappeared

and Costco doesn’t stock them.

I need one also. Any ideas where to get one. I have looked all over internet.

I am unable to close the canopy, as when I turn the crank counter clockwise it just seems to turn the umbrella. I would like to close it as we have been having some strong winds recently. I also would like a user manual, if one is available so I can see what I am doing wrong.

HELP! I have misplaced my crank handle and cannot find it. Where/how do I go about getting another one! Can’t seem to find any anywhere! Thanks for the help!

I am wondering what you do with this umbrella in the winter time? I live in Central Illinois where it gets very cold for 2 to 3 months in the winter. I am especially concerned as I added some water to the base. I did not fill it.
Do you think it would be ok to leave the umbrella outside in a cover or do you think the base will crack once the water freezes? Thank you.

We have an 11 ft wooden market umbrella with tilt that was purchased from Costco about 4 years ago. The pole is a wood composite that has rotted near the base. When I contacted Costco for replacement parts they said it was made either by Home Casual or ProShade. Is it possible to replace the pole and where would we find one. Assembly sheet gives the following ID: ITM./ART925283
Thank you

Does anyone know how to remove the umbrella canopy? I cannot figure it out and the instruction manual does not address this at all.

Anyone have a base or this umbrella that is still fully functional that they wanna sell? Contact me at

I have this umbrella new in box still. Just do not have a base with it. Anyone interested in buying it? Or selling your base? Turns out a replacement base doesnt exist. Others are similiar but no guarantee that they will fit or work with it. I gave $150 for it. I live in Northern Ky.

I have an umbrella that got hit with hail and besides the obvious holes in the fabric, the top (knuckle) that the ribs are connected to has one broken rib and cannot be repaired.
Does the replacement umbrella canopy include the entire “knuckle” at the top? I believe this knuckle slides into the sleeve and is connected with a pin.

We can’t figure out how to take the umbrella off the base for winter storage. Page 11 says to store it indoors but does just the top mechanism come out of the lower umbrella hole by lifting off the big joint? We removed the two screws but it won’t budge.

A storm hit our house while we were away and unfortunately our nice Proshade catalever 11 ft. umbrella was up. The upper and lower connector wheels that slide up and down the pole for the ribs that support the umbrella spread were destroyed. All of the ribs and the umbrella tarp were fine. I have taken the umbrella apart and can repair it if I can get this part. Does anyone know how I can get two connector wheels from the manufacture? Tommy

I have this umbrella and love it. Unfortunately, it will not stay open by itself. Where can I by a replacement cord and get instructions for replacing it.


Looking for a cord replacement for the 11 foot parasol umbrella and instructions on how to replace the cord.

The ribs snapped on my umbrella when it was left open during nasty weather so i salvaged the cloth, cord, crank, and the cover is still in its unopened package. If anyone is looking for these as replacement items email me at

My Proshade is a few months old. Worked perfectly until this morning. Now there is no ratchet clicking when I open the umbrella and it just closes when I let go of the crank. Is there a fix for this? If not is everyone just returning their umbrellas to Costco?
Thank you.

hi Michael – did you find a solution? same thing just happened to mine. thanks, Kelly

Umbrella won’t stay open, as if locking mechanism is malfunctioning. Seems to be a common problem. Anyone find a solution our just take it back to Costco?

I have the same problem as Jim (comment 15) and Alan (comment 27). Worked fine for a couple months, now won’t click when cranked to stay open. Any help is appreciated.

The ratchet mechanism for moving the boom on my newly assembled umbrella doesn’t work with the boom being able to be moved by hand, only occasionally able to catch and hold. The handle doesn’t cause the ratchet to catch and move/support the boom. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Purchased 11′ cantilever umbrella yesterday at Costco. Cannot get crank mechanism to stop when fully extending umbrella, as if stop lock mechanism is malfunctioning. Anything I can do inside crank housing, or top of umbrella, etc., or should I just return umbrella? Thanks for your reply.

I need to certify that this umbrella meets CPA1-84 fire standards for combustibility. Can anyone lead me to the proper direction to prove this to the fire department?

We have the same problem that Jim (comment 15) has. When the umbrella is fully cranked open, it will not lock in place and so is hanging with about 3inches if cord exposed.

i have this umbrella and unfortunately it is completely worn out so i have to throw out the umbrella itself but i want to keep the base to reuse, does anyone know the dimensions of the pole to this umbrella or the dimensions to the hole in the base? i just need to get an idea when buying.
i would by another but it is no longer sold online even though it was about a month ago. thanks.

Will you please sell your crank to me?

Im interested in buying your base if you wanna sell it. These are very hard to come by. Email me at mattglass08@hotmail if interested. Thanks

I also need to find a base, does anyone know how to get one? Just the top part

We have one. Where do you live?

Can you also send me the information? I need a base…

We have a crank, base and other parts available. We live in San Jose, CA. If interested please email me @ so we can make sure we are talking about the same umbrella, I can send pics, etc.

I no longer have the base or crank available.

Albert – I’d like to loosen the shaft covering with the “gears” so I can rotate the umbrella. Any suggestions or tools? My grip strength is insufficient.

One of the difficulties with the base design for this umbrella and others like it is that the center of gravity for the unit is somewhere between the mast and the canopy. The force on the canopy side of the union nut is often so great that it will not turn, no matter what. The union nut is the plastic ring at the top of the base cone that tightens the compression spring against the mast. turning the umbrella requires you to loosen the union nut, turn the umbrella to its new direction, and then tighten the union nut again.

NOTE: Do not turn the umbrella by simply pulling it around! Properly installed, it will not turn clockwise, and turning it counter clockwise will unscrew the base cone out of the base. It will at least loosen this joint which can allow vibrations from the wind blowing by to gradually wear away the plastic threads that hold the base together. Of course if this should happen to you, you may order replacement parts from me.

The first part of turning the umbrella is to move the center of gravity closer to the middle of the base. Close the umbrella to do this. The closer it is to the mast the better.

The union nut may need a little more help to turn. I usually work by myself. Stand over the umbrella using the same stance you might have if you were trying to pull a sapling out of the ground. I’m right handed so I put the mast behind my right shoulder with the closed canopy in front of me. Then I lean back a little to move the center of gravity even more over the middle of the base. This usually works and allows me to turn the union nut in my hands. Naturally, this operation as I have described it would be a lot easier with two people working together!

Treasure Garden tells the buyer of its AG78 model, which has the same type of base as the Proshade 11′ umbrella, to put 200# of sand in it. A cubic foot of sand weighs approximately 100# so the base will hold 2 cubic feet of material. There are 7.48 gallons of water in a cubic foot which weighs 59.84#. Two cubic feet of water will weigh 119.68#.

This will seem awfully technical to most people. It is something, though, that I have been curious about myself. The long and short of the whole question is that if you fill the base with water, you will be 80# short of the recommended weight for it. Sand or gravel should be the material you choose to put in your Proshade umbrella base.

It seems as if most fill the base with sand. Does water work just as well?
Pros/Cons for either?

I purchased a floor display and have no instructions. Need to know how to fill the base and what is recommended (sand or water).?

I prefer pea gravel because it is a little easier to handle than sand. They weigh about the same. I would not use water. It might leak without you knowing it and it is too light for the job. “A pint’s a pound the world around” is the rule of thumb for the weight of water. A gallon weighs eight pounds, and if the base could hold five gallons, the weight would only be 40 pounds.

Put the bottom of the base where you want it, then put the center cone in just to keep your filling out of the middle hole. Fill the rest of the compartments and level the top. Take the cone out and put the top on. Then put the cone back in and tighten it in place. Insert the tightening ring and put the cone nut on loosely. This uses the same idea as a cap and ferrule gas line fitting. Now you’re ready to put the pole in the base.

Fill with 200 pounds of “play sand” from home depot or Lowes. Pour evenly into all separate areas of base.

Keep in mind that sand and gravel are sold by the cubic foot. A cubic foot of dry sand weighs approximately 100 lbs. It does no harm to buy 2 cu feet as you can return any unused bags to the store. It seems to me that hardware stores typically sell sand in 1/4 cu ft bags.

Make sure that you do not get sand in the center chamber of the base. This is where the cone goes. You will have to use a vacuum cleaner to get the sand you can’t reach out of the bottom of this compartment. The base cone screws into threads molded in the bottom of the center. A clean connection is best. Read further to find a simple way to keep the center clear of sand.

We assembled the umbrella with no problem. But we don’t understand where the rod for the cover is inserted. We do not see any pocket or anything in the cover. Can you help? Thanks!

You mean the weather cover? The rod is simply a replacement for whatever stick you might poke inside the cover to lift the middle over the top of your umbrella while you stand on the ground.

Thank you. It’s labeled “Umbrella Cover Support Rod” and the diagram indicates it goes inside the cover along the zipper. So you’re saying that’s just a rod to use to help put the cover on the umbrella?


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