Mar 21 2020

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Landmark american insurance company rating


Landmark Home Warranty

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Landmark Home Warranty Reviews and Ratings

Landmark Home Warranty provides exceptional services to its customers and has been recognized for it through its reviews. Check the rating parameters to see how it has performed in various aspects over the past two years.

Quality of Repair


Landmark Home Warranty is a four-time Annual Home Warranty award winner. Landmark Home Warranty has been nominated for this award every year since the Annual Home Warranty Awards were introduced.

2014 Best Regional Company

2015 Best Regional Company

2016 Best Regional Company

2019 Best Regional Company

Here’s what Landmark Home Warranty’s customers have to say

Landmark Home Warranty Contract Overview

States Serviced

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Contractors and Technicians


Landmark Home Warranty offers comprehensive home warranties in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, and Texas. The company has more than 200 full-time employees on their payrolls and have hundreds of realtors, escrow officers, property managers and independent contractors working in association with them. Landmark Home Warranty provides the best coverage for over 9,000 mechanical parts and last year alone they replaced over 5,000 appliance and system components. They even won the Best Regional Company award this year.

Landmark Home Warranty Claims and Services

Landmark Home Warranty is known to provide its customers with quick turnaround time and impressive customer service. It is currently rated for repair quality.


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